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Screen Rant’s Comic-Con 2022 Guide

SDCC 2022 is here, and Screen Rant’s on the ground with the biggest film and TV news. Follow along with every reveal, development and trailer.

After 3 years, San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is here, bringing with it a huge amount of exciting movie, TV and comics news. San Diego Convention Center is once more home to the biggest comic convention in the world, promising panels, exclusive first looks at toys and collectibles, footage, trailers, and reveals of hot new projects.

Even after DC’s at-home FanDome events, both Warner Bros and Marvel Studios are bringing their biggest upcoming comic books projects, and Disney, Paramount, Netflix, Apple TV, Peacock, and Amazon are all on the ground in San Diego. MCU Projects like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, and She-Hulk will take prime spots, with Black Adam and Shazam: Fury of the Gods on the other side of the comic book franchise divide. And in another major battle, both HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon and Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings series The Rings Of Power will look to capture the fantasy crown. And that’s without mentioning the many comic book reveals.


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In other words, Comic-Con 2022 is going to be a behemoth event, and through it all, Screen Rant is there on the ground bringing you the biggest news from the Convention Center. Keep following this Comic-Con 2022 guide for a comprehensive one-stop-shop guide to every reveal from movies, TV and comics.

Comic-Con 2022 Trailers

Dungeons & Dragons Trailer SDCC 2022

For this not in attendance at Comic-Con 2022, trailers are inevitably the biggest draw, even though some of the panels infamously choose to keep their reveals exclusive to fans at the convention. Here’s every Comic-Con 2022 trailer you need to see:

More Comic-Con 2022 trailers to come…

Comic-Con 2022 Footage Descriptions

Chris pratt Star-Lord SDCC 2022

As well as the trailers coming out of the major Hall H panels (among others), those in attendance at Comic-Con 2022 will be treated to exclusive preview footage that won’t be released officially online. Thanks to Comic-Con’s strict camera rules, these rarely make their way out, so Screen Rant is here to provide detailed descriptions of everything shown.

Comic-Con 2022 Biggest Movie & TV News

Alongside all of  Comic-Con 2022’s footage and trailers, there is always a huge amount of movie and TV news on upcoming projects across blockbusters, comic book movies and TV shows, and tentpole premium TV shows. Here’s an updating list of all the biggest movies and TV news stories from over the Comic-Con 2022 weekend.

More Comic-Con 2022 movies and TV news to come…

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Comic-Con 2022 Biggest Comics News

Superman SDCC 2022

Comic-Con 2022 isn’t just about the screens, with a huge presence for the medium that inspired both the MCU and the DCEU: comics. That means a huge amount of comics news, and Screen Rant are collecting the very best and biggest stories right here:

Comic-Con 2022 Biggest Toy Reveals

LEGO Bowser SDCC 2022

What would Comic-Con be without toy reveals? Along with the trailers, news, and comics reveals, some of the biggest toy companies in the world are at Comic-Con 2022, and we have the biggest reveals collected here:

Comic-Con 2022 Features & Guides

San Diego Comic Con Logo on a blue background

If you want to learn more about the Comic-Con 2022 panels themselves, including what times they take place and how to follow online, check out our specifically curated guides below.

More Information On Comic-Con 2022’s Biggest Movies & TV Shows

Check back for every major update on Comic-Con 2022’s biggest movies and TV shows…

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dungeons and dragons chris pine michelle rodriguez justice smith sophia lillis

Dungeons & Dragons Movie Trailer: Fun, Goofy Version of Lord of the Rings

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