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The 10 Strongest Female Characters, Ranked

With The Four Knights of the Apocalypse, the sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins, revealing its upcoming anime adaptation, fans of the manga already know there are big-name characters from the original show that will make a reappearance.

While the females of TSDS with few exceptions have not made their cameos yet, fans of both series are excited for the potential and almost guaranteed return of some of the strongest female characters in the series, whose strength and abilities will be more than required against new and old foes who threaten the lands of Brittania.


10 Gerheade

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character Gerheade, the Adviser of the Fairy King.

Though very aloof and reserved, Gerheade earned the trust of multiple Fairy Kings to act as their advisor. After her older brother, the First Fair King Gloxinia’s disappearance, she was entrusted as the advisor to the Second Fair King Dahlia. When Harlequin “King” replaced Dahlia as the Fairy King Gerheade similarly acted as his advisor until his own centuries-long disappearance.

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Besides the Royal Fairy Clan members, Gerheade is the strongest fairy in the entire Fairy King’s Forest. She has demonstrated a mastery of plant manipulation magic that she can use both defensively and offensively. And while compared to the rest of the cast she is relatively weak, she did survive through the First Holy War that claimed countless lives.

9 Derieri Of Purity

Derieri Of Purity

Derieri is one of the highest-ranking demons in the Demon Realm and was entrusted with a portion of the Demon King’s power to do his bidding, with Derieri receiving the Commandment of Purity among the other “Ten Commandments.”

As a Demon, Derieri naturally possesses immense physical endurance to face the drastic weather of purgatory and is essentially immortal. While her Commandment Purity does not come into play in the series, the power she acquired from it, when used with Combo Star which increases her power for each consecutive hit, Derieri becomes one of the physically strongest characters in the series.

8 Elaine

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character Elaine, the Guardian Spirit of the Fairy King's Forest and Protector of the Fountain of Youth with Ban.

Elaine is the younger sister of “King” a.k.a. Fairy King Harlequin and was entrusted as the Guardian Spirit of The Fountain of Youth as well as protecting the entire Fairy King’s Forest. Shortly after growing closer to “Bandit Ban”, Elaine lost her life during a demon’s attack on the forest, choosing to save Ban’s life and entrust him with the fountain.

Elaine holds great command over Wind Magic. After she was resurrected by Melascula, she easily defeated Jericho in her jealousy, proving herself to be one of the scariest yanderes in anime, even after Jericho had received power through absorbing the blood of a red demon. Elaine was also able to defeat a pair of assassins with Elizabeth after mistakenly entering Drole and Gloxinia’s battle tournament.

7 Melascula Of Faith

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and member of The 10 Commandments, Melascula of Faith.

After bathing in the Demon Realm’s miasma for thousand of years, Melascula grew from a small snake into a colossal white cobra, which she can transform into at will instead of her humanoid appearance. Seeing her potential, the Demon King bequeathed to her the Commandment of Faith and added her to The 10 Commandments.

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While possessing the strength of a Demon, Melascula’s strength lies in her dark abilities. Through Hell Gate, which allows her to teleport, and Cage of Darkness, which traps her opponent in a cocoon of dark energy that slowly destroys them, she can quickly capture and destroy her opponent with most being helpless to resist her.

6 Gelda

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and Vampire Royal Gelda smiling lovingly.

Gelda is a Royal Member of the Vampire Clan and the lover of Zeldris, one of the best power couples in anime, Meliodas’ younger brother. After Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan, the Vampire Clan tried to defect from the Demon King’s rule, though the rebellion was quickly defeated and Gelda sealed away. It is later revealed that Zeldris’ hatred of Meliodas was due to him thinking Meliodas had killed Gelda when in actuality he had merely sealed her away.

As a Vampire, Gelda possesses immortality, psychokinesis, and some form of fire manipulation. During the events of The Seven Deadly Sins Movie 2: Cursed By Light, Gelda showed her ability to fight on equal ground with Elizabeth, and was at one point able to successfully rescue Zeldris from the Demon King’s mind control when Elizabeth and Meliodas were unable to do so.

5 Matrona “Fang Of The Great Earth”

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character Matrona Fang of the Great Earth dancing at Diane's wedding.

Matrona is the former chief of the Eastern Giant Clan and was Diane’s fighting instructor. Despite Diane’s distaste for fighting, Matrona trained her brutally in preparation for a life of fighting in an attempt to nurture her skills. Matrona’s “death” was blamed on Diane with the charge being the “envy of Matrona’s skills” which Diane accepted as she believed herself to be the cause of her “death.”

Before Diane lost her memory, Matrona was already known far and wide for her exceptional strength and battle prowess, even defeating and killing the Chief of the Western Giant Clan Dumblebas. When Diane once again finds Matrona, she has only grown stronger through her usage of Dolore’s Dance, which dramatically increases her power and magic making her strength second only to Diane.

4 Diane “Serpent’s Sin Of Envy”

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and Sins member, The Serpernt's Sin of Envy Diane, posing cutely in front of a yellow checkered background.

Diane is the only female member of the Seven Deadly Sins besides Merlin, the only member of the Giant Clan within the Sins, and one of the most anticipated cameos in The Four Knights of the Apocalypse, one of the most wanted anime manga adaptations. While initially jealous of the attention Elizabeth received from Meliodas, she quickly becomes best friends with Elizabeth with her loyalty to her only equal to her loyalty to Meliodas.

While Diane loses in battle experience to Matrona, her position as Giant Queen, bequeathed to her by Dolore, and her sacred Treasure Gideon, make her the strongest giant in the series. With her mastery of the Dance of Dolore, the earth abilities, and attacks she can use through Gideon magnify in power to the point where even high-ranking demons don’t dare to take her attacks head-on.

3 Hawk Mama

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character Hawk Mama strolling along the fields of Brittania.

Hawk Mama is the Mother of Meliodas’ Bar, The Boar Hat Tavern’s, resident mascot, and Captain of the Scraps Brigade, Hawk. She also acts as transportation for the Sins when they are traveling around Brittania by carrying the entire Boar Hat Tavern on her back, giving it its iconic name.

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As a creature from Purgatory, Hawk Mama possesses exceptional resilience. She has easily tanked direct attacks from the 10 Commandments and has eaten Monspiet’s fire-based attack with no ill effects. While she is not particularly dexterous, being a pig the size of a small mountain, her physical strength without magical boosting is the greatest in the entirety of The Seven Deadly Sins.

2 Elizabeth Liones

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins Third Princess of Liones, Elizabeth Liones cutely holding her head in her hand.

Elizabeth Liones is the adopted daughter of King Bartra Liones and the third princess of the Liones Kingdom. She was found in the devastated ruins of Danafor by Meliodas who asked Bartra to care for her as long as Meliodas could act as her guard and protector, though is later revealed to be his reincarnated lover and apart of one of anime’s cutest couples. When the Kingdom is in turmoil due to Bartra’s illness, Elizabeth seeks out the seven deadly sins to ask for their help in removing the corrupted Holy Knights from Liones.

Though primarily a non-combatant throughout the anime, Elizabeth’s powers as the daughter of the Supreme Goddess are substantial. Her Ark, the strongest offensive magic of the Goddess race, has been shown to be on par with even Ludociel, the Leader of the Four Archangels. Elizabeth also possesses the single strongest true healing magic, saving and reviving an entire army continuously as they fought recklessly thinking themselves invincible.

1 Merlin “Boar’s Sin Of Gluttony”

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and member of the Sins, The Boar's Sin of Gluttony, Merlin.

Merlin is the strategist and the most intelligent member of The Seven Deadly Sins. Merlin is the most accomplished and powerful magician in the entire Seven Deadly Sins series. However, her constant experimentations and disconnect from others have often led her to make cruel choices, often to the detriment of her fellow Sins.

As a Mage, Merlin is so powerful she has even defeated the Demons Chandler and Cusack who easily defeated the rest of the sins, and even the Archangel Leader Ludociel doesn’t dare pick a fight with her. Merlin is capable of using Perfect Cube which creates an unbreakable barrier, except against the magic she created Absolute Cancel, which destroys all magic. She was even able to develop the Magic Infinity which stops her own time making her immortal and can be used to make her already devastating spells even stronger.

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