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Amanda’s Ex-Boyfriend Exposes Cast In Instagram Rant

Amanda Miller’s ex-boyfriend Josh Pelton is still hurt from his breakup with the star and exposed the Siesta Key cast on his Instagram story.

The saga between Amanda Miller and her ex-boyfriend Josh Pelton continues as he exposed the Siesta Key cast on his Instagram story. Josh recently worried many fans of the show when he shared concerning posts on his Instagram story revealing he was mentally in a very bad place. The musician shared photos of himself and Amanda using the song “Alright” by Russ, which includes a lot of lyrics about depression and suicide. He also shared some photos of him and his dad, who passed away 11 years ago, with Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Cruel World.” Fans assumed the pair had broken up, and Josh later confirmed the Siesta Key star broke up with him on July 4th via phone call.


The pair started dating sometime around May, making the relationship almost as short as Juliette Porter and Sam Logan’s reconciliation during season 4b. Since their relationship began after the season concluded, he has not yet appeared on the show, and it’s unclear if he’ll make his debut during season 5. Before Josh, Amanda had a few flings on the show with costar Brandon Gomes, Tate Sweatt, and Will Gray. She also had an on and off again relationship with JJ Mizell, who briefly dated Cara Geswelli after his split from Amanda.

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Unfortunately, Amanda’s new relationship with Josh has also come to an end, and her ex is not holding back. Popular Instagram account @mtv_reality_teaa re-shared some of Josh’s Instagram stories where he tells his side of the story when it comes to the Siesta Key cast. “My biggest mistake was never watching the show. I would of learned everything I needed to,” Josh wrote. He then seemed to respond to some cast members who were concerned about his mental health due to his recent Instagram posts. Josh wrote, “Don’t tell me about mental stability or tell me I need help when y’all literally snort coke, pop pills, and get black out drunk every other day.

Previously, Josh went on his Instagram story to let Amanda’s friends and costars know that she talks badly about them behind their backs. It doesn’t seem like her friends have taken his word for it, as Josh also shared some DMs between him and Juliette where the JMP The Label founder asked him to stop ranting on his Instagram story. Amanda is closest to Juliette and Chloe Long on the show and is even living with Chloe and her husband Chris Long in Miami. However, the stars recently stopped following each other on Instagram for unknown reasons but quickly reconciled.

Josh is clearly still heartbroken over his split from Amanda. However, the split is no reason for him to be airing out everyone’s dirty laundry on social media. Hopefully, Josh does take Juliette’s advice and stops posting and instead gets help for his mental health. Siesta Key season 5 will certainly be interesting if Josh and Amanda’s split is part of the storyline. However, Josh’s mental health should be taken seriously and hopefully not exploited for entertainment and ratings.

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Source: @mtv_reality_teaa/Instagram

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