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Every Cute Cat Thing You Can Do In Stray

Stray features a feline protagonist, so it makes sense that the game allows players to do cute cat activities. Every cat lover can imagine the cute things their cat does, and those acts are reflected in the game. While not every cat action in real life is cute, these acts from Stray do live up to how cats can be in real life, which makes it cute.

The recently released Stray brings players to a world inhabited by sentient robots, bacteria monsters, and cats. Players will guide the protagonist through abandoned cities full of danger and puzzles in an attempt to help reunite the cat with its friends and help their robot buddies leave the underground world. But since the game’s protagonist is a cat, there are some charming and amusing antics that players can indulge in.


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Players who are not a fan of cats or are unsure if Stray is worth upgrading to PS Plus Extra for may miss out on a game filled with hope and cat cuteness. The cat’s design is adorable, especially when it wears its backpack, which was shown in early trailers. What drives home the cute factor of the game, though, is the way the cat protagonist interacts with the world and NPCs. The game does a great job of capturing the cute and chaotic nature of a cat on a mission.

Stray’s Main Feline Has Cute Cat Friends To Play With

Players can play with other cats in Stray.

The player will see the playable cat living with three other cats when the game begins. During this opening sequence, the player can have the cat protagonist interact with the other cats by meowing and rubbing against them. There is even a chance for the player to initiate a playful tussle with another cat. This beginning portion is peaceful and safe, and truly amplifies the fear of the cat in Stray dying.

Stray Uses Couches And Rugs As Cat Scratchers

In Stray rugs and couches are cat scratchers.

As many cat owners know, cats need scratchers for their claws, to help stimulate their mind, and to aid in exercise. However, if the cat does not have a cat tree to scratch, it will use its owner’s furniture. The cat in Stray is no different, and throughout the game there are couches and rugs for it to scratch. Players will be able to manually control how fast or slow the cat scratches, and depending on the interact-able object, its pose will change. For a couch, the cat will stretch, while with rugs it will arch its entire body. If there is the option to scratch, players should try.

Interact With Robots In Stray For Cute Moments

As the cute kitty in Stray explores a cyberpunk city, it will encounter sentient robots living in cities and villages. The player can interact with some of the robots in a typical cat fashion by rubbing against their legs or meowing at them. While the cat is cute, the robots’ reactions make these interactions adorable. Many of the robots’ faces will change when they hear the cat meow, and if the cat rubs against their legs, a heart appears on the robot’s face.

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Some interactions are not cute for the NPCs, but the players will possibly enjoy them. It is a common complaint among cat owners that their cats will try to trip them. In Stray, players have the opportunity to trip robots walking around. Sometimes these robots will stumble, while other times they will fall flat on their face. This interaction is a potential reason for the warm and positive reviews that Stray has received.

A second irritatingly cute interaction takes place with the Anthill villager. As the player climbs the village, they will encounter two robots playing an intense game of dominos at a table. The player can then have the cat jump onto the table and ruin their game. The robots’ reactions are something many cat owners can relate to, but is still a cute situation for the player to witness.

Knocking Things Over Is Chaotic Fun In Stray

Knocking items off ledges is cute and chaotic in Stray.

One of the most common traits among cats is their love of knocking objects off ledges. This is something every cat owner dreads and loves to laugh about. In Stray, players can have the feline protagonist knock many things off the shelves and the wall. A prompt will appear, and the cat will paw at the object until it falls. As cute as this is, this interaction can reveal important information like opening the locked safe in Stray‘s Slums.

The Cat Sleeping In Stray Is Always Adorable

In Stray the cat can sleep on a robot in Midtown.

Many people would agree that sleeping cats are one of the cutest things to see, and the cat protagonist in Stray convincingly mimics real-life catnaps. Throughout the game, there are round pillows that the cat can curl up into a perfectly round ball to nap. Other than watching the cat sleep, trying to get the Productive Day trophy for dozing more than an hour, and getting a great shot of the game’s environment, players will be able to hear the cat purr. One such round pillow is beside the musician in the Slums. When players give the robot a music sheet found in Stray, it will begin playing and players can sleep beside it.

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The round beds are the most common spaces where players can let the cat nap, but there are other locations too. When players reach the end area of the game called Midtown, there will be a robot sleeping on a bench. Players can interact with the robot which will prompt the cat to jump onto their chest and fall asleep. This is one of the cutest scenes in the game.

Stray’s Cat Can Get Its Head Stuck In A Bag

Stray Paper Bag Curiosity Killed the Cat Achievement

Cats are well known for sticking their heads in places they should not, and one such bad decision is available for players to experience in Stray. There are paper bags players can find in Stray that can be investigated, which will then cause the bag to become stuck on the cat’s head. When this happens, the controls will go backward, and it may cause players to move the cat in circles or into a wall. Seeing the bag on the cat’s head and watching them walk in confused circles is adorable and hilarious.

Stray Lets The Cat Have Some Quality Box Time

In the last section of the game, there will be boxes that the cat can jump into and out of. Most cats love boxes, and the cat in Stray is no different. Jumping in and out of the boxes is adorable and fun, which may cause the player to become distracted from the story. However, the boxes may play a role in the game’s story, so players should keep an eye on them.

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