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Every Generation’s Best Pokémon, Ranked

In every generation of Pokémon, there is one Pokémon that is agreed upon as the strongest among the bunch. Sometimes it is a legendary, while other times it will be another Pokémon from the region that takes the spot. Whatever the case is, it is undeniable that there have always been Pokémon with cool designs that can back them up with legitimate strength.

Starting from the dominance of the Psychic-type in the first generation, the Pokémon series has always had a number of Pokémon that rise to top top in each generation. Whether it’s through a cool design or overwhelming power, the fans always find a few Pokémon to clamor to. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which Pokémon is a generation’s best, but at other times there is no doubt which Pokémon rises above the rest. From Pokémon Yellow‘s rewarding story to the competitive metagame of today, Pokémon has plenty of ways to show off its best and brightest.


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Every region has its own strongest Pokémon to show off, and while some were only overpowered in their own time, others have managed to maintain respectable popularity and power. Sometimes a Pokémon’s strength in its own generation manages to make it a legend even years later, even if it’s not quite as strong anymore. Each region’s best Pokémon can be hard to judge, but there’s no denying the footprint they all left on the series.

Tyranitar Is Johto’s Resident Rock Monster

Pokemon Tyranitar Card Cover

Johto’s resident pseudo-legendary, Tyranitar, has obvious appeal. Its design is reminiscent of Godzilla, and it has power to match. Its stats are all very high with the exception of speed, especially Attack, and plenty of powerful moves such as Crunch, Rock Slide, and Earthquake at its disposal. While Pokémon is still missing some type combinations, Tyranitar’s Rock/Dark typing gives it a unique edge. The very next generation also rewarded it with Sand Stream, an ability that works rather well for Tyranitar and can make it an asset in Sandstorm-themed teams. While it takes a long time to level up fully, its power is worth it.

Tyranitar has one downside, and that is its staggering amount of weaknesses. Of the 18 types in Pokémon, 7 of them are super effective, with Fighting being a quad weakness. Tyranitar may be tough, but that many weaknesses is cause for concern. However, when not faced with something that it’s weak to, Tyranitar is a force to be reckoned with.

Hoenn’s Metagross Is A Uniquely-Typed Physical Powerhouse

Metagross is a Pokémon that immediately catches a player’s eye the first time the see it. A spiderlike four-legged robot with a stern-looking face, Metagross’ unique Steel/Psychic typing adds to its odd appeal, and Metagross’ return in Sword & Shield‘s DLC gives new players a chance to experience this powerful Pokémon. In Generation 3, it was a legitimate physical threat with very high Attack and Defense stats, as well as rather strong moves of both of its types. The physical/special split in Generation 4 also helped it out, giving it a strong physical Psychic move in Zen Headbutt. Being a pseudo-legendary makes Metagross’ strength unsurprising, but that combined with its cool look made it especially memorable.

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The main downside to Metagross is how difficult it was to obtain one. In its debut generation, its pre-evolved form Beldum could only be obtained as a gift after beating the Elite Four, effectively limiting it to the postgame. In future generations, Beldum has the lowest catch rate possible, on par with legendary Pokémon. While not nearly as hard as catching five shiny Pokémon in 30 minutes, catching a Beldum can be very frustrating and time-consuming. However, with its great strength and many resistances, Metagross is always a good Pokémon to have around.

Alola’s Pheromosa Is The Definition Of An All-Or-Nothing Pokémon

Pheromosa from the Pokemon series

The Ultra Beasts in Sun & Moon are some of the most bizarre and intriguing Pokémon in the series, and Pheromosa is one of the standouts among that group. An incredibly alien and graceful-looking Bug/Fighting type, Pheromosa’s offensive stats and Speer are all startlingly high. This makes its role in a fight clear: Hit first and hit hard. With the assistance of powerful moves such as Hi Jump Kick and Bug Buzz, anything with a weakness to Bug or Fighting is as good as finished once Pheromosa hits the field. Although unfortunately, Pokémon GO players must pay for Ultra Beasts, Pheromosa is a valuable addition in any other game.

On the other hand, Pheromosa’s defenses are as terrible as its offense is amazing. With ultra-low defenses and only average HP, Pheromosa is ill-equipped to survive any decent hits in a fight. It is less of a fighter and more of an assassin in this sense, designed to deal damage without taking any in return. Despite this significant weakness, Pheromosa still manages to be the standout among Alola’s Ultra Beasts.

Mega Rayquaza Was The Terror Of Kalos’ Metagame

Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza is one of the most feared Pokémon in history. Rather than needing to use a turn to Mega Evolve, it did so when Rayquaza used the move Dragon Ascent, which is already a powerful move in its own right. Rayquaza was a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon final boss on multiple occasions, and Mega Rayquaza pushes it even further. It has sky-high attacking stats, at least base 100 for everything else, and an ability that removed one of its own weaknesses. It was so dangerous that a new competitive tier, Anything Goes, was created because Mega Rayquaza was so much stronger than everything else.

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Despite Mega Rayquaza’s immense power, it loses some points for a few reasons. Its design isn’t much of an improvement over the original Rayquaza, and there’s really nothing unique about it aside from its power. Although Mega Rayquaza will always be remembered for breaking the metagame, that’s all there really is to say about it.

Kyurem Is The Unova Region’s Best Legendary Pokémon

Kyurem stands alongside Zygarde as one of the most unique legendary Pokémon in the series. Its high HP, Attack, and Special Attack backed by solid defenses and speed make it an all-around powerful fighter, a trait it retained when returning for Sword & Shield‘s Crown Tundra DLC. In addition, it also has two alternate forms, Black and White Kyurem, that can be accessed in the postgame. These new forms will pump one of its attacking stats all the way up to 170, taking it from strong to absolutely lethal.

Despite the power of Kyurem’s alternate forms making it a terror in battle, its typing leaves it with five weaknesses. However, Kyurem is no slouch defensively, so it should be able to land a decent shot even against opponents who have a type advantage over it. It is very rare that Kyurem will be anything but an asset for the player’s team, and that makes it worth catching.

Garchomp Is Sinnoh’s Devastating Pseudo-Legendary

Garchomp is Cynthia's ace, and one of Sinnoh's strongest Pokémon.

When Garchomp debuted in Diamond & Pearl, it was one of the game’s most powerful Pokémon, which is to be expected of a pseudo-legendary Pokémon. Its high attack and speed made it hard to stop before it knocked out an opponent, and its typing left it with few weaknesses to exploit. On top of that, a Sandstorm team could buff it further by boosting its evasion with Sand Veil. There was a very good reason why Sinnoh’s champion Cynthia used Garchomp as her ace Pokémon.

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When Mega Garchomp was released in Generation 6, it dialed up Garchomp’s power even further. Although it was outclassed by Mega Rayquaza like everything else was, its power was still very respected. Its new design featuring scythe-like arms was a bonus as well. Garchomp was an absolute monster in its debut, and to this day it still holds up as a very powerful battler, as well as a primary reason why Cynthia is such a challenging Pokémon champion.

Eternatus Is The Final Boss Of Galar’s Pokémon Adventure

Eternatus is a Pokémon that was more or less designed to be a final boss. Even down to its design, which looks more like a JRPG villain than a Pokémon, everything about it is intimidating. That counts its stats, which have it designed as a brutally efficient special sweeper with high HP, Special Attack, and Speed. Eternatus will likely land the first hit, make it heavy, and live to do it again. It’s hard to find a Pokémon that could be a decent match for Eternatus one-on-one.

Eternatus is also unique, even among legendaries, for having a form that is inaccessible to the player. Eternamax Eternatus is the final storyline opponent, and if its’ massive size at over 300 feet long wasn’t enough, its absolutely absurd HP and defenses will stun players, as will the highest base stat total in the series at 1125. As the Pokémon that nearly destroyed Galar twice, Eternamax Eternatus will remain in the memory of Pokémon players as one of the series’ most memorable final bosses, and one that completely breaks series tradition.

Mewtwo Is The Original Strongest And Coolest Pokémon

Mewtwo stands menacingly in the Pokemon anime

Whenever one thinks about legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo is almost always one of the first to come to mind. It was the star of the first Pokémon movie, and crossed over into Super Smash Bros. as well. It has become more of a character than a Pokémon at this point. It ranks with the original fan favorites of the series alongside Charizard, and time has done nothing to diminish Mewtwo’s aura of power and mystery. That reputation may come from being the original legendary Pokémon, but it’s a reputation that Mewtwo more than lives up to.

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In Generation 1 Mewtwo was the undisputed king of Pokémon. Psychic-type’s domination of Pokémon Generation 1 helped, effectively giving Mewtwo no weaknesses. That combined with its high speed, monstrous Special, and respectable defenses made it a beastly opponent in every respect. Mewtwo was the undisputed peak of power in Pokémon Red & Blue, and it remains iconic as one of the most famous Pokémon in history.

Although many of the best Pokémon are ones that rocked the meta and proved themselves near-unstoppable, Pokémon has always been a game about personal choice. Players can use any Pokémon they wish, and everyone has their own favorites. However, history shows that some Pokémon will ultimately be the best of their generation, and Mewtwo is the series’ biggest testament to that.

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