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Why Gabby & Rachel’s BFF Energy Is Saving The Bachelorette Season 19

Gabby and Rachel’s friendship is unshakable, and despite the men’s best efforts to crush their spirits, the two Bachelorettes have each others’ backs.

As Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia continue their journey on The Bachelorette, many viewers are seeing flaws in the season’s format, and the two leads’ best friend energy is the only redeeming factor. When Gabby and Rachel were announced as dual leads for The Bachelorette season 19 after having their hearts broken on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, a lot of fans were extremely excited. The two had amazing chemistry together as friends and viewers couldn’t wait to see Gabby and Rachel find love while having each others’ backs.

But their season so far has not been smooth sailing. It turns out, having two leads is complicated and has led to both Bachelorettes experiencing hurt feelings and moments of self doubt. In a previous episode, Rachel felt the men weren’t making an effort with her and feared that she would go through the season in Gabby’s shadow. But in the following episode, it was Gabby who felt hurt when the men made insulting comments while declaring their interest in Rachel alone. At the rose ceremony, the women passed out roses independently and the men had to choose once and for all which lead they were interested in.


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For many viewers, this season has been their worst fears come to life. In the early episodes, it was starting to look like Gabby and Rachel were going to be pitted against each other. It was the exact opposite of the female empowerment season that so man fans were hoping for. Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe especially has been outspoken about her distaste for the way the men were making Gabby and Rachel feel inadequate, when it should be the women running the show. Both Gabby and Rachel are stellar leads in different ways, and it is frustrating to see them doubt themselves due to the actions of inconsiderate men.

Gabby Windey Rachel Recchia Bachelorette

But if there has been one saving grace this season, it’s been the incredible friendship between Gabby and Rachel. Even when their circumstances could have inspired jealousy in one or both women, they’ve been nothing but supportive to each other. Whether they’re sharing mimosas and gossiping about their men together or being ready with a hug when the other is feeling down, the friendship between Gabby and Rachel is going to be one of the most significant relationships featured this season. On The Bachelorette, the female lead is usually firmly in the driver’s seat, but this season the men have had the ability to make Gabby and Rachel feel rejected and undeserving of love, and it’s not an easy thing to see. But the one ray of sunshine this season has been the love and support that Rachel and Gabby have for each other.

Starting next week, the men will be on two different journeys, as they’ve finally picked a lane and solidified their interest in either Gabby or Rachel. There’s always been a lot of uncertainty surrounding this season, and going into it, no one knew how it was going to work. Unfortunately, so far many fans have been disappointed with how things are going. But the one thing that viewers can count on this season of The Bachelorette is that even if one or both women have their hearts broken, they will still have each other to lean on.

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