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All The Clues Chrishell Stause Is Engaged To G Flip

Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause has moved on from an inter-office romance, and dropped hints she is now engaged to her new love, G Flip.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip have caused a stir with Selling Sunset fans after rumors spread that the pair may be engaged. Chrishell has been in three relationships over the course of five Selling Sunset seasons, and fans are hoping she may have found the one in G Flip. Though the pair have only dated for a few months, there are several clues that make fans think they are engaged and have been keeping it a secret from the public.

Amongst all the entertaining Selling Sunset drama, which saw new addition Chelsea Lazkani stir the pot with the resident villain, Christine Quinn, nothing prepared fans for having to watch Chrishell and her boss Jason as a couple. Chrishell has been unlucky in love on the show, as she was married to Justin Hartley during the premiere season; however, the two were divorced by season 3, which she learned about over text. She then started a relationship with Jason after developing a close friendship since she started working at The Oppenheim Group.


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Chrishell started seeing the Australian nonbinary musician after appearing in their music video in May 2022. Chrishell confirmed their relationship at the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion, and fans went wild. The pair have been together ever since, and one birthday video had fans thinking Chrishell and G Flip were engaged after less than three months together. Chrishell celebrated her 40 birthday with her fellow Selling Sunset stars in mid-July, and she was sporting a flashy diamond ring on her left hand. The party was thrown by Emma Hernan, as well as her ex-boyfriend Jason. Fans thought his presence was his way of giving his support to the pair after reportedly getting engaged.

Chrishell Stause wearing pink and sitting at her desk in the office on Selling Sunset

When Chrishelll and Jason opened up about their romance on Selling Sunset, fans were divided, as some felt it was more of a “showmance,” while others thought they were a great match. Chrishell and Jason ended things after she explained she wanted kids in the near future, and Jason admitted he was not ready for that step. Nonetheless, they have managed to be friends and co-workers again by the time of the explosive Selling Sunset season 5 reunion.

Though Chrishell was also wearing a sparkly tiara, the ring is what caught the eyes of Selling Sunset fans. Many fans had a theory that she and G Flip had a whirlwind romance and got engaged. Even though Chrishell says she is not engaged, fans were not convinced, especially since Chrishell traveled to G Flip’s native Australia, and their relationship has been heating up. Fans are excited to see Chrishell in a happy relationship and hope she and G Flip get some screen time on Selling Sunset season 6.

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