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Sony PS5 now supports 1440p resolution but everyone can’t benefit yet

PlayStation 5 users can now set the resolution to 1440p as Sony has introduced new beta features. In a blog post, Sony said testers will be able to change the resolution to 1440p — one of the highly demanded features — on their PlayStation 5. The new beta for the Sony PS5 brings a slew of new features, so, other than 1440p support, you now have curated gamelists, additional social features, and a way to compare stereo and 3D audio. Also Read – Sony PS5 restock today at 12 PM: How to pre-order, tips to successfully book one

If you have a TV or a monitor with 1440p resolution, PlayStation 5 will give a video output in 1440p resolution instead of scaling it down to 1080p. That, obviously, needs you to be one of the testers. If games support 1440p resolution, then PS5 will run them in that resolution natively. But 4K games will be supersampled down to the 1440p resolution, however, with improved anti-aliasing. Also Read – PlayStation 5 faceplates could launch soon in India

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To check whether your TV or monitor is compatible with 1440p resolution on PS5, beta testers can go to the screen and video section of the dashboard on the console. Sony, however, said that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) will not be supported at the 1440p resolution. It will work only at 1080p and 4K resolutions.

Other features in the new PlayStation 5 beta

Apart from the new video output resolution, the new PS5 beta software brings gamelists, which will make organising your games easier. You can choose your favourite games from the main library and add them to your gamelist. Each gamelist supports up to 100 games, while you cannot create more than 15 gamelists. A gamelist can include disc, digital, and streaming games. To create a gamelist, go to the Your Collection tab and select Create Gamelist. You can name the list whatever your want.

Sony has also added other new features. PS5 testers can now compare stereo and 3D audio from a game on the same screen and choose what they like more. There is easier access to In-progress Activities at the top of the game hub. The PlayStation 5 also has new social features in the latest beta. You can now request party members to start Share Screen to watch the gameplay. You will now receive a notification to let you join a group when a friend is playing a game you can join. You will also be able to view new friends’ profiles and send them stickers and voice messages in parties.

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