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Why Fans Think The Southern Charm Women Are Boring

Southern Charm fans are noting the weak chemistry between the women. Their interactions are considered boring, and viewers miss some female alums.

Southern Charm season 8 is well underway, and so far, fans think that the women on the show are not bringing anything to the table. Southern Charm originally focused on the lives of playboy men living in Charleston, South Carolina. The show also starred Cameran Eubanks, who served as the narrator (and the voice of reason) among the often debauched cast. Kathryn Dennis was another main female star of the series, but Cameran never connected with her. In later seasons, the former The Real World star Cameran introduced her best friend Chelsea Meissner to the show.

In Southern Charm season 6, Kathryn spread a rumor that Cameran’s husband was cheating on her with a local makeup artist. The rumors proved to be unfounded, but Cameran was disgusted that Kathryn would target her marriage, and left the show. As her best friend, Chelsea also walked away in solidarity. Two strong female cast members were off the show, and Southern Charm producers replaced them with Leva Bonaparte and Madison LeCroy for season 7. Season 8 brought in “friend of” Venita Aspen as a full cast member, along with newcomer Olivia Flowers.


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Southern Charm fans are not feeling the female cast as of late. Reddit user u/cartrav posted, “The girls on this show are so boring. The boys carry the show and are actually fun and funny and have genuine relationships. The girls aren’t even real friends and it shows. The whole pink party was a snooze and the drama between them is clearly forced.” Many Southern Charm viewers have noted that Venita seems to have no real connection to the other cast members, other than being Naomie Olindo’s former high school classmate. During her and Madison’s joint birthday party, Venita was ignored by her cast members until she picked a fight with Kathryn, which seemed forced.

Many Southern Charm fans miss the dynamic of the previous cast. Reddit user Reasonable_Style8400 wrote, “Chelsea, Cam, Naomie, and Kathryn kept it interesting. The girls and guys meshed well in social settings during the previous seasons.” With Cameran gone, there seems to be a lack of true friendships between the women. Leva was originally introduced to the Southern Charm group by Cameran, with whom she had a genuine friendship. Although she was familiar with the cast members, the missing bond between them is apparent to viewers. Kitkatisthecat noted, “No one actually likes anyone and it shows. You have alliances at best, not friendships.”

With Kathryn still on the show, it’s highly doubtful that Cameran will return to Southern Charm. Many viewers were hopeful that the newer faces would bring a fresh perspective to the show. As women of color, Leva and Venita opened the door to talk about racial disparities in the South. While Leva and Venita did have a teachable moment with Kathryn in season 7, viewers are annoyed at Venita for rehashing the old feud in Southern Charm season 8. Fans are also on the fence about Olivia, as she seems to have no real links to the group, other than being Austen Kroll’s love interest. With many more episodes ahead, hopefully, the Southern Charm season 8 women will shake things up.

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