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Chainsaw Man Meets Goodbye Eri in Brilliant New Fan Comic

A talented fan artist on Reddit has perfectly combined Chainsaw Man and Goodbye, Eri into a fan comic that fans of Tatsuki Fujimoto need to read.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man Part 1!

A talented artist on Reddit has created a glorious fan comic combining mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto’s series Chainsaw Man with his one-shot Goodbye, Eri. Fujimoto is one of the most popular and unique mangakas in recent years. While his works are each vastly different, Goodbye, Eri and Chainsaw Man do have some common elements that this fan comic exploits perfectly.

Chainsaw Man is a manga following Denji, a young boy who makes a deal with the Chainsaw Devil and becomes the titular Chainsaw Man, able to sprout chainsaws from his body to fight other devils for the government. Goodbye, Eri on the other hand is a much more grounded and ambiguous work, following a young aspiring filmmaker named Yuta who makes films about both his terminally ill mother and his secretly ill friend Eri. Denji and Yuta are quite similar, both being rather immature and having to deal with rather dark and even cruel situations. Their respective manga mirror their boyishness, with both works being obsessed with spectacle and the power of movies. Both stories are also tinged with tragedy, with most of Denji’s friends being murdered by the machinations of the Control Devil Makima and Yuta’s mother and his friend both dying to terminal illnesses. One Reddit user has somehow taken all of these similarities and used them to create the perfect mashup of the two manga.


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In a fan comic called “Go Out With A Bang”, reddit user u/Raggumba imagines Chainsaw Man as being a movie series that Denji is making. The series ends with a twist on the scene where Power originally died in the manga, with her and Denji instead running away from Makima and Makima’s apartment exploding behind them. After the movie, Denji records the reactions of many of the actors who appeared in the films and act very similarly to their characters. This allows readers to see a world where many of their favorite characters like Aki and Reze are still alive and acting like their usual selves. And the manga ends on a shockingly perfect moment, just like Goodbye, Eri did.

Raggumba perfectly mimics Fujimoto’s art style and nails all of the characters’ personalities as well, which really does make the fan comic feel like an actual alternate ending to Chainsaw Man. Beyond having a near-perfect execution, the idea of the story itself is genius. Chainsaw Man and Goodbye, Eri share similar themes, so mashing them up feels natural. Combining Denji and Yuta into one character is brilliant, and while Power and Eri don’t quite combine as well, they share other defining qualities that reveal the choice to be perfect by the fan comic’s end. The ending of the comic also shows that Raggumba shares Fujimoto’s ability to catch their readers off guard in both the best and worst ways.

All fans of Fujimoto’s work should read this fan comic as it is an incredible accomplishment that reads like one of his official mangas. Beyond this, it can let readers imagine a world where some of their favorite characters are still alive and didn’t actually endure the suffering they were put through in the main series. With Part 2 of Chainsaw Man focusing on a new cast of characters, Raggumba’s comic is a perfect read for fans who want to read about Denji and the various other characters of Part 1 again as well as those who enjoy Fujimoto’s other works like Goodbye, Eri.

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Source: u/Raggumba

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