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7 Reasons Why Garrus Is A Popular Romantic Choice, According To Reddit

One of the biggest perks of BioWare’s popular video game, Mass Effect, is being able to romance one of the teammates on Shepard’s crew. One character, in particular, has received an overabundance of love that even surprised the former lead writer. This character is none other than the team’s deadly Turian sniper, Garrus Vakarian.

Many fans who have never romanced Garrus due to lack of interest are amazed that this character, in particular, has received the amount of love he has, so much so that fans are going to forums to ask why he is so adored. And it seems that Reddit has plenty of users who have a good idea of why that is.


Character Growth

In the first Mass Effect game, players saw parts of Garrus’ personality and mannerisms. In the second game, Garrus had evolved as a character, becoming more than what he was in the first game.

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SmoggyFineDrum wrote, “After playing ME1 and learning his personality, I found him and weed to be my favorite characters. Then in ME2, when everything goes to hell and back dealing with Cerberus, I found him to be the best option for me.” Garrus does have a great personality that many fans were drawn to and is a strong companion to Shepard.


Plenty of NPC characters of interest are not part of the squad yet players wish to romance them for one reason or another. On the other hand, they could just want them as members of their team against the reapers. For Garrus, one thing fans seem to adore is his voice.

As ShenaniganCow put it, “Attraction to his voice. Then his character. Eventually, you find yourself attracted to his appearance.” A charismatic or distinct voice can really help a character’s popularity. With Garrus, his voice tends to catch the admiration of fans, and there’s nothing wrong with loving the voice of players’ favorite Turian.


In each game, players see the cool and determined Turian taking on every challenge given to him. His personality shines through in everything he does, even when snipping down enemies, something he is very good at. And for some Redditors, this is an attractive quality of Garrus.

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LilCandyCorn3 wrote, “I think it’s something about his voice and personality that draw me and others in. He is the bad-space-boy who genuinely cares for you.” For many, this is a very fair assessment of the Turian who seeks out justice no matter what while becoming enemies with every gang in the galaxy.


Mass Effect has some great designs for its characters, each having its own unique traits that intrigue players. Garrus’ appearance just so happens to be a favorite of those who have enjoyed romancing him.

When discussing the physical attraction element, DamarisKitten wrote, “I find Garrus extremely attractive. Turians have the most bad*** alien design I’ve ever seen.” Apparently, the lead writer had not expected so many players of the game to enjoy a male Turian with scars, but fans seem to really enjoy the look of the deadly sniper.


When Shepard is brought back to life by Cerberus, some old companions decide to drop Shepard due to the history of Cerberus. This is the case even if the player makes it known they hate Cerberus. However, Garrus does not do that.

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As part of the Turian’s charm, he is very loyal to Shepard. Spyridonya explains it perfectly by writing, “Voice is the first thing that makes Garrus attractive and then comes the personality and how wonderfully loyal he is to Shepard and supportive no matter how good or ‘ruthless’ Shepard is in ME3.” This is something players won’t see from some of the other characters.


In Mass Effect 3, not every choice mattered in the end. However, what does matter is the choice to see Garrus in a whole different light if the romance path is chosen.

In response to the forum question, Nutmeg1729 noted, “You see a real vulnerable side to him, one that is just tired of everything going wrong and wanting something positive in his life.” Garrus is one character that shows Shepard what he is about, what his goals and values are, and how vulnerable he can be. This side of him is shown during the romance scene, the moment where he opens up entirely to Shepard in a peaceful, intimate atmosphere.

Alien Intrigue

The unknown attracts the minds of everyone in some way or another, and in Mass Effect, the alien races receive a lot of positive responses. This, of course, is the case for Mass Effect’s favorite Turian.

Evitmon wrote in response to the question, “There is a certain charm of how the aliens look in ME and other sci-fis. For the lack of better analogy because we haven’t met any aliens.” This is a very fair statement due to curiosity and the thought of what aliens may look like, and when given a creative example, it can lead to potential attraction. So for those who found themselves attracted to the Turian, it wasn’t just his charm that brought in plenty of admirers. Being an alien was a big bonus for many players on Reddit.

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