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Quad Teases ‘Explosive’ Heavenly & Contessa Drama

Married To Medicine’s Quad Webb opens up about season 9 of the hit franchise, telling fans the Contessa and Heavenly drama is not yet over.

Quad Webb from Married To Medicine is providing more details on what’s to come for season 9, making it known the volatile drama between cast members Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe is far from over. Quad premiered on Married to Medicine during the episode 1 of the series. Known for being loud and fierce, she continues to be a standout.

When viewers first met Quad in 2013, when the series premiered on Bravo, she was married to Dr. Gregory. Their tumultuous relationship hit its breaking point during season 6, which led to the couple divorcing. This resulted in Quad being the first cast member not working in the medical field, or married to someone in it. Starting in season 9, Quad is opening up about raising her nephew after her brother’s death. Quad shows off the maternal side many viewers have always known she’s had. However, she still isn’t afraid to speak her mind even as the drama unfolds. During the recent episode, the cast ambushed Dr. Heavenly with a video showing every time Heavenly had disrespected one of her castmates on her YouTube channel. Even though Bravo celeb Heavenly judged Quad during some of the clips, Quad stayed indifferent about the ambush.


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With an already explosive season building, Quad is opening up with more details on the drama to come in season 9. Shining light on not only her storyline, but also details of how the Heavenly and Contessa drama is far from over, Quad gave her opinion on the most current ambush showdown between Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Contessa. She recently told TODAY, “I see both sides, I really do. I feel like as a friend, you don’t go out into the world and say negative things about your friends. I do think that if you have an issue with a friend, it is best to pick up the phone and have that conversation with a friend.” Quad declared that Heavenly and Contessa still had some blows to come, saying the drama is, “going to get pretty explosive.” Still, she reassured viewers good times would be seen in Vegas episodes to come, saying, “For me, this time I felt like all the ladies really just say let’s have a great time, we’re in Vegas—and they lived like they were in Vegas. I had a damn good time and it was good to really enjoy it.”

Opening up more about the current season and the changes in her life, Quad told TODAY, “We miss my brother tremendously, but I’m very happy to step up in his absence, to be there for my nephew and my nieces because he has two other daughters. One has recently graduated and went to college, top of her class, just doing an amazing job, and it’s just really good to be involved in that.” The Married to Medicine star didn’t stop there, also revealing new drama is on the horizon between a new face to the franchise, named Audra, and OG Toya. Teasing the future to come, she said, “All I can tell you is, Toya, you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb always comes through with background details on all the drama between the cast. Now a maternal role model in her own home, Quad is showing up as the middle ground of the cast so far in the season. Her cast members may not be as happy about her spilling all the details, even if they are neutral ones, but the viewers are ecstatic and looking forward to all the upcoming blowups on the popular Bravo series.

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Source: TODAY

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