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Why Fans Think Erika Jayne’s Excessive Drinking Is Fake

RHOBH star Erika Jayne has been getting more inebriated as of late. While fans are concerned, some think she’s putting on an act for the cameras.

Erika Jayne has been getting a bit too tipsy in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12, but fans think her excessive drinking is contrived. Since Erika joined RHOBH in season 6, she has maintained an aloof, controlled persona. The few times she had gotten upset, she attacked her castmates and nearly bit their heads off. Fans first saw a glimpse of her temper during an RHOBH cast trip to Hong Kong. Former housewife Eileen Davidson made an analogy using Erika’s son as an example, causing the Pretty Mess singer to lash out.

During RHOBH season 11, Erika was under a lot of pressure after her husband Tom Girardi was accused of scamming his clients out of millions of dollars. Most of the RHOBH cast members stood by Erika, but Sutton Stracke couldn’t ignore the holes in her stories. When she questioned her fellow RHOBH castmate, Erika called her some unsavory words and threatened her. After their standoff, Erika and Sutton seemed to call a truce during a cast trip to Del Mar. However, Erika later told the cameras that she was still holding a grudge.


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In recent episodes of RHOBH season 12, it seemed as if Erika was finally letting her guard down amid her legal drama. For the first time, fans saw Erika knocking back several drinks and dropping her “cool girl” facade. Erika’s excessive drinking had her castmates worried, especially because she had admitted to being on antidepressants. In the latest episode, Erika overindulged at Diana Jenkins’ holiday party and repeatedly told her castmates she was “lit.” However, RHOBH fans question Erika’s drunk act and Reddit user u/LeeF1179 posted, “I am not buying Erika’s drinking. It doesn’t feel authentic to me. I feel like the entire thing is for storylines purposes, and everyone is in on it, including Garcelle, Rinna, & Mikey the Interventionist.”

Many RHOBH fans agreed that Erika’s excessive drinking storyline seems contrived. LotionOnSkin responded, “The mini intervention with Rinna and Mike seems so fake. It felt performative. The start of the scene was a promo for her hairline and then it transitioned into Rinna telling Erika to slow her drinking down. I am not buying. No mam.” Some fans wondered if Erika was purposely appearing inebriated on RHOBH so as not to be held accountable for what she says on the record. Others believe she’s trying to detract from her legal issues, which was a major storyline in RHOBH season 11.

The public’s opinion of Erika has drastically deteriorated since Tom’s charges. Erika is also being sued for her alleged involvement in her estranged husband’s schemes. Many RHOBH fans believe she was aware of where her money came from and still excessively flaunted her wealth. Erika’s sloppy behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 may be her way of coping with her hardships, but some fans wonder if she’s simply acting for television.

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