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How To Get Palm Wood in Dinkum

To get Palm Wood in Dinkum, outback farmers will need to travel to a specific biome on their island where Palm Trees grow in abundance.

Palm Wood is a crafting resource in the Animal Crossing-like indie Dinkum for making Palm Wood Planks, a fundamental material in building structures and assembling a variety of blueprints. For example, players will use Palm Wood for constructing the clothing store, animal shop, and furniture shop. Dinkum fans will also need Palm Wood Planks for crafting a Cooking Table, Row Boat, Wooden Crate, Keg, or practical farming tools such as the Scythe and Copper Spear. Accordingly, understanding how and where to get Palm Wood is essential for progression in Dinkum.


At the start of the game, Dinkum players will find Lime and Gum Trees nearby to initiate their crafting endeavors. However, they will notice that Palm Trees are nowhere to be found, even though they need to procure the resource for certain building projects. This dilemma is due to the fact that Palm Trees are further inland, within areas the farming protagonist has yet to explore.

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Before players can begin their journey of locating Palm Wood in Dinkum, they will first need to acquire Logging License from Fletch in the Base Tent. The License can be purchased using a currency known as Permit Points, a resource that functions similarly to Nook Miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Completing certain Milestones, such as foraging plants or picking up shells, will reward players with Permit Points, which can then be used to obtain their Logging License.

Farming Palm Wood In Dinkum

Farming Palm Wood In Dinkum

Next, Dinkum fans will need a Basic Axe, which can be purchased from John for 1,000 Dinks. Players can quickly earn Dinks by selling random items to John. Later on, players can craft their own Copper Axe, but that option doesn’t become available until attaining the Logging Licence Level 2. Fans are encouraged to procure more than one Axe before heading out to search for Pine Trees. This strategy allows the protagonist to comb the wilderness longer, even after one of their tools loses its durability.

Palm Trees in Dinkum are located in a biome known as the Tropics, indicated by a lime green color on the in-game map. Typically, the Tropics can be found on the northern side of the island or near the coastline. Players begin in the Bushlands, but they can open their map and view where the Topics can be found before heading in the biome’s direction. Bear in mind that the journey and the activity of logging Palm Wood in Dinkum will cost much Stamina. Therefore, players are recommended to carry food with them to replenish their energy.

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Dinkum is available for Early Access on PC via Steam.

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