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MultiVersus: 10 Tips For Beginners

Now released as a free-to-play title, MultiVersus gives fans the chance to play as a multitude of characters from across different Warner Bros. franchises. The platform fighter has quickly won the world over by simply being free and having fully voiced characters such as Batman fighting the likes of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

With beginning players rushing to the new release, there are some tips that they should know going in. MultiVersus is far from a hard game to understand, and picking it up immediately won’t cause too much frustration, but these tips will still provide a smoother experience from the start.


This Is Not Smash Bros.

Multiversus and Super Smash Bros

There is no denying that there are definite similarities between Super Smash Bros. and MultiVersus. They are both platform fighters meant for all ages that feature a collection of iconic characters. However, much like Brawlhalla, it is in the same genre but it is not a direct clone of Super Smash Bros.

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MultiVersus still has its own look and feel with some unique controls to the combat. A person who has played Super Smash Bros. will likely get a strong feel for MultiVersus, but if they go in expecting a 1:1 then there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve.

Microtransactions Are Not Required

Battle Pass screen for MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a free-to-play title so microtransactions were inevitable, but they do not inhibit the player at all, nor does the game feature any pay-to-win options. All characters, even the most powerful avatars in MultiVersus, can still be unlocked through playing enough matches to earn more gold to spend on a character, and each character has their own battle pass with coins as well.

The only things that are only earned via microtransactions are cosmetics with the Premium Battle Pass: effects, profile pictures, emotes, and certain skins. Even then, there is still the free Battle Pass that gives just as many rewards. So do not be alarmed by the option of in-game currency. A player can save money if the current Battle Pass does not interest them.

Don’t Ignore Tutorials

Shaggy Rogers in his ultimate form in MultiVersus

Players are given a quick basics tutorial when they first play, but after that, they are allowed to hop right into matches. If someone is a first-time MultiVersus player, they should consider going through the advanced tutorials as well.

It’s understandable to want to jump right into the online action, but having those advanced tutorials in mind will be most helpful. Especially if the player is more accustomed to traditional tournament fighters such as Mortal Kombat instead of platform fighters.

Go Into The Lab

Classic Harley Quinn and Cowboy LeBron James in the Lab in MultiVersus

Every single character in MultiVersus plays differently: their basic melee attacks all have different ranges and speeds, specials are all different to execute, and even their platforming is unique. This is where the Lab comes in handy.

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The Lab is the practice arena where the player can try out a character. This is the ideal location to figure out hitboxes, animation frames for attacks, and what is most effective for that character.

Daily Objectives And Milestones Are Key

Daily Mission and Milestone screen in MultiVersus

Dealing damage and winning matches can earn the player experience towards the character and the Battle Pass. However, everyday players will have access to new daily objectives which can easily grant new levels of the Battle Pass too.

On top of that, there are general milestones that when accomplished, give the players a high amount of experience. It is recommended that players check these every day and it will help them unlock plenty of new cosmetics, perks, and gold.

Experiment With All Characters

Characters battling in title screen for MultiVersus

Every player is going to have that one character that they gravitate towards for gameplay or other personal reasons. That makes sense, but due to the daily objectives, it is actually best to be familiar with most, if not all of the large roster of MultiVersus characters.

Sometimes a daily objective will ask players to win matches as a DC character or a certain class. So, it’s best to switch up and learn about each character in order to accomplish objectives. It will also keep things from becoming dull, allowing every match to feel different.

The Environment Is An Ally

How To Use Iron Giant In MultiVersus

Jumping and fighting is the main objective, but the environment can be the most helpful tool in MultiVersus. It can save the player from ringout deaths and be used to trick other players into their own demise.

For example, one player can be so keen on knocking out their enemy. However, if the enemy is smart, they can hang on edges, lure the other player into a trap, and use downward attacks to ring them out. Also, quick drops through platforms can mean the difference between a loss and a victory.

Help Your Teammate

MultiVersus has a variety of character classes to choose from.

There is a 1v1 option for those who prefer a classic solo fighter experience, but MultiVersus is more about team-based action. That means that a player should act as a teammate and help out their ally, especially if they are playing as a support class.

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Characters such as Reindog and Steven Universe can buff a teammate or save their lives in a tight spot. Players should keep that in mind since some characters can be overwhelmed. Working together is more than likely to guarantee a victory.

Use The Right Perks

Velma character screen in the Collection of MultiVersus

All of the characters can be effective without perks, but fighting another player who is completely decked with perks can be difficult. So, it’s best to create the right loadout that not only makes the character stronger but fits the player’s gameplay style.

Every character has multiple perks that they can equip. MultiVersus does have the option for auto-equpping mods, but it’s better to experiment and find the right perks. Suddenly a character like Tara Strong’s Harley Quinn becomes as powerful as Superman or the Iron Giant with the right combo.

Play With Friends

How to Change Your Age in MultiVersus Arya Bugs

Playing MultiVersus with random players is still fun, but a game as charming as this is best experienced when paired with and/or against friends. The cartoonish action mixed with the number of wacky things that can happen during a match would only be enhanced when in a party with friends or even family.

There is also the option for local multiplayer in MultiVersus which makes it ideal for a party game. Friends and family playing together as Batman, Arya Stark, Bugs Bunny, and Shaggy Rogers with some food and beverages? That sounds like the perfect night in.

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