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Hogwarts Houses Of Chris Evans Characters

Chris Evans started acting professionally about two decades ago. He started his career in teen television, like Opposite Sex, and movies like Not Another Teen Movie. Since then, he’s moved away from those comedies into dramas and action. Evans made a career out of playing heroes, but not all of those heroes are exactly the same. 

If those heroes attended Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, it’s true that most of them would find themselves sorted into Gryffindor. Evans certainly has a knack for picking brave and bold characters to bring to life.

Updated on August 1st, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: There’s a good chance that for an entire generation of movie audience members, Chris Evans will always be Captain America. Other than the star-spangled man with a plan, however, Evans has a pretty good variety of roles under his belt. While audiences are used to seeing him as the hero, he’s recently taken more villainous turns in movies like Knives Out and The Gray Man, allowing fans to see how versatile he is. 


Lloyd Hansen (The Gray Man): Gryffindor

Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen in The Gray Man with the Gryffindor Hogwarts House crest

Lloyd Hansen isn’t exactly the good guy in The Gray Man. Instead, he’s the one hunting the hero of the story. That doesn’t mean he can’t have the stubborn Gryffindor bravery on his side.

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Lloyd follows his instincts and believes that he’s right in the same way the most determined of Gryffindors do. He allows his own emotions to lead him, his pride getting in the way of him seeing reason over and over again.

Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out): Slytherin

Chris Evans as Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out with a Hogwarts House Slytherin crest

There are few characters in media who make for a more perfect Slytherin than Ransom Drysdale in what is considered one of Chris Evans’ best movies. He plays the part of a Gryffindor, but that’s all subterfuge as he hides what he really wants.

Ransom wants the status and the money that the rest of his family holds dear for his own purposes. He’s focused on the family legacy so much that it leads him to commit the ultimate bad act against his family, and then frame someone else. Ransom has everyone completely fooled because he’s incredibly cunning and knows exactly what he’s doing.

Buzz Lightyear (Lightyear): Gryffindor

Buzz Lightyear in Lightyer with a Gryffindor Hogwarts House crest

Some fans were on the fence about a story surrounding the real man who inspired a toy in Toy Story, but Lightyear provides audiences with an adventure that proves Buzz is every bit the hero the toy believed himself to be.

Like any Gryffindor, he’s a bit stubborn, wanting things done his way all the time. Also like any Gryffindor, he’s got his emotions on his sleeve, following his heart on every adventure. Even when faced with the possibility of becoming the villain himself, Buzz makes a better choice, following his heart to help his friends.

Ari Levinson (The Red Sea Diving Resort): Gryffindor

Inspired by real events, The Red Sea Diving Resort recounts the story of Mossad agents who smuggled Ethiopian refugees out of Sudan by opening a hotel. Chris Evans stars as Ari in the Netflix movie, the leader of the team in the field.

It’s tempting to sort Ari into Slytherin since his work as an undercover agent requires some duplicity. Ari, however, only lies when he absolutely has to. Otherwise, he spends his time taking risks to get the job done. It’s Ari who instructs his team to run through a roadblock, and it’s Ari who goes to the CIA for help when his own government pulls the plug on his mission. He’s willing to risk everything to keep his promise and save the refugees, making him a Gryffindor.

Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World): Slytherin

Chris Evans As Lucas Lee In Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Slytherin

As one of the evil exes of Ramona Flowers, Lucas Lee certainly fits the loud bravado of most Gryffindors. In Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, however, there is one big factor that makes him a Slytherin.

Though he’s a skateboarder turned actor, the character is more about looking cool than getting the job done. During his confrontation with Scott, he doesn’t even initially fight the title character. Instead, his numerous stunt doubles did the dirty work for him until he was forced to step in. That duplicity, but also the pragmatism of using his resources to keep himself safe, is definitely in line with the Slytherin style. It’s the kind of role that makes the audience see that Evans could easily play a DC comic book villain instead of a hero.

Jake Jensen (The Losers): Ravenclaw

Chris Evans As Jake Jensen In The Losers Ravenclaw

One of the many characters in Evans’ resume to be based on a comic book character, Jake Jensen is a little different than his usual heroes. While most of Evans’ comic book roles are Gryffindors, this is one of the only Ravenclaws amongst these ten characters.

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Jensen is the computer guy for his team. That meant that instead of punching his way out of situations, Jensen spent his part in the story analyzing research and hacking into people’s files. With that specialized skill set, Jensen was certainly one of the most studious characters in The Losers.

Colin Shea (What’s Your Number): Slytherin

Chris Evans As Colin Shea In Whats Your Number Slytherin

The romantic comedy What’s Your Number was a great star vehicle for Anna Faris, but it also showed a new side of Chris Evans for audiences. Instead of the heroic type, he was a bit of a player. Colin is one of the most charming characters in his resume, but he’s still a Slytherin in one of Evans’ most comedic roles.

Colin has a pretty distinct dating style. Bring them home, then break things off. After a string of one night stands, he ends up hanging out in his neighbor’s apartment until the woman at his own leaves. Is there a sneakier way to get rid of an unwanted hookup? Probably not.

Curtis (Snowpiercer): Gryffindor

Chris Evans As Curtis In Snowpiercer Gryffindor

Evans’ Curtis leads a revolution in Snowpiercer, so it’s easy to place him in the traditionally heroic house of Gryffindor. He narrowly misses out on being a Ravenclaw simply because of how well thought out his plan is, and how quickly he analyzes the strange situations he finds himself in. 

Curtis places himself at the very front of the revolution. Armed with only the scraps in the lower class train compartments, Curtis uses everything around him as a potential weapon. His natural charisma and confidence get most of the people around him to follow him into danger. In the end, he even sacrifices himself so that the next generation can live.

Nick Gant (Push): Ravenclaw

Chris Evans as Nick Gant in Push with a Ravenclaw Hogwarts House crest

Like Curtis in Snowpiercer, Push’s Nick sits on the fence between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. This time, however, the sorting hat chooses Ravenclaw instead.

In Push, Nick doesn’t choose to be heroic because it’s the right thing to do. Instead, he chooses to be heroic because the person in danger is someone he cares for, and because, once upon a time, his father told him to. That doesn’t mean Nick is any less of a hero. It just means his other personality traits factor in a bit more.

Though Nick is a mover, he’s got some incredible observation skills. Nick is the one who works out a plan to bring down the government agency and get his friends out of danger. The complicated plan, involving memory wipes and retrievals, could go wrong in a dozen different ways, but he plans for them all. 

Frank Adler (Gifted): Hufflepuff

Chris Evans As Frank Adler In Gifted Hufflepuff

Much of the 2007 film Gifted actually focuses on the experiences of Mackenna Grace’s young character. Evans played her uncle in the film, and much of what the audience learns about him is in regards to his relationship with her.

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Frank, like his sister and his niece, was a gifted child. He excelled in academics and even taught as a university professor before his sister left her daughter in his care. At one time, the sorting hat might have placed him in Ravenclaw. Frank’s entire life in the movie, however, is devoted to making sure his niece gets as normal an upbringing as possible, and that she isn’t forced into an accelerated academic world that makes her unhappy. He’s even willing to lose her to make sure that happens. The sorting hat couldn’t place him anywhere other than Hufflepuff.

Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four): Gryffindor

Chris Evans As Johnny Storm In Fantastic Four Gryffindor

If any of the Gryffindors that Chris Evans played are the perfect example of their Hogwarts house, it’s Johnny Storm. Younger brother of Sue Storm, and a real hothead, he’s as impulsive and heroic as they come.

Johnny isn’t above using his hero status for a little attention. Despite his serious self-involvement, he genuinely does care about the people around him. He can be self-centered while still helping to save the day. Johnny can also be pretty self-righteous, not understanding why people can’t see things his way. Gryffindors tend to see issues in very black and white circumstances, not comfortable when things verge into shades of grey.

Kyle (Perfect Score): Hufflepuff

Chris Evans As Kyle In Perfect Score Hufflepuff

Before Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansson were Avengers, they were still playing teenagers in high school. In the MTV movie Perfect Score, the two were part of a group of seniors who teamed up to steal the answers to the S.A.T. 

Evans played Kyle, a teenager who grew up wanting to be an architect, but who found his dream school out of reach as a result of his test score. He found the idea that a few kids couldn’t pursue their dreams because of one test completely unfair, even though they spent their entire high school experience planning for college. Sounds like a perfect Hufflepuff. He led a Breakfast Club like group in a heist that involved stealing the S.A.T. before they all took it, though none of them ended up using the answers.

Steve Rogers (The Marvel Cinematic Universe): Gryffindor

After spending a decade playing Captain America in the MCU, Chris Evans will probably always be that character for some people. He embodied the role of Steve Rogers, and his Gryffindor traits, perfectly.

Even before Steve became Captain America, he was a Gryffindor. The young kid willing to go “all day” against a bully in an alley just became stronger with time. Steve has always been willing to help those who can’t help themselves, but he also has a pretty narrow tunnel vision. Like most Gryffindors, he sees conflicts his way – and his way only. That makes compromising with him nearly impossible.

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