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Where to Find Fire-Fighting Hydrojet in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To find Fire-Fighting Hydrojet in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players must search particular nodes in the Aetia region or reactivate certain devices.

The Fire-Fighting Hydrojet is a rare item in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 required for completing the Collectopaedia Cards for Shillshill, a traveling trader Nopon. The character protagonists will encounter this cute pink Traderpon after unlocking the Hillside Ferronis Hulk as a Rest Spot during Chapter 2: Moebius. Players can make purchases from Shillshill or barter their sellable-only items to the NPC merchant. Keep in mind that if fans of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 attempt to sell items if their wallet is full, the items will be lost, and no new funds will be received. As for the Fire-Fighting Hydrojet, players have two options for acquiring this item.


The first way to obtain a Fire-Fighting Hydrojet in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is by finding one within one of the Containers scattered throughout the Aetia region. Reportedly, community members have found a Fire-Fighting Hydrojet within a Container far north of Viliera Hill, near Colony 9. This area becomes accessible during the early portion of Chapter 3. Unfortunately, because players will be limited to following the story, they might not get a chance to explore the area around Colony 9 at this time. Nevertheless, they will receive an opportunity to return to the colony later.

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This specific Container is located around the corner southeast of the Riccalo Pond landmark and west of Colony 9 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Players are advised to be around Level 20 before exploring this area. Several Terrestrial Life mobs, known as Wood Bunnits, will be patrolling the surrounding site. Additionally, elite Exxuno Bunnits roam to the south; accordingly, be wary of these hostile creatures while combing the lands for Containers.

Finding Fire-Fighting Hydrojet In Xenoblade 3

Finding Fire-Fighting Hydrojet In Xenoblade 3 Map Location

Of course, the notable Container nearby Colony 9 is not the only node to potentially contain a Fire-Fighting Hydrojet. Players can discover more Containers at the following locations within the Aetia region:

  • near the entrance of the Everblight Plain
  • within the Sonata Saddleback, north of Yzana Plains
  • in the southeast area of Melnath’s Shoulder
  • within the areas north of Colony 9

The other method for getting Fire-Fighting Hydrojets in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is interacting with Ferronis Hulks within the Aetia region. This process requires the player party in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 first to clear the area of enemy mobs around the Feronnis Hulk and then use an Ether Cylinder to power the device. Ether Cylinders are obtainable from the Ether Channels found throughout the map. After reactivating a Ferronis Hulk, players can utilize the Fabricator to potentially receive a stack of Fire-Fighting Hydrojets in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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