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Maki Itō Discloses New Original Anime Film Spaceman X » Anime India

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2022)

The production of the original anime movie “Spaceman X ~Sugoi Uchuu Daibouken~” has been announced. This work is produced as the first work of the project “Spaceman X Project” by Anime Tokyo, a joint company established by animation director Maki Ito. 

Set in the space city of “Space Nagoya”, the hot-blooded and mecha otaku main character, X, rides a giant humanoid robot, Mobile Wheel, with motifs of crustaceans and insects, in order to raise funds to restore the body of his lover, Patricia.

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Then, a “robot race action” that races in outer space will be developed. The theatrical release is scheduled for 2023. Along with this announcement, comments were received from Ito.

In addition, the mobile wheel, which is the main mechanism, has also appeared, such as a simple type like a motorized bicycle and a type like a large car. From the animation production stage, toys, capsule toys, plastic models, garage kits, etc. were modeled on the premise of three-dimensionalization.

Source: Anime News Network

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