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10 Best Apps And Websites To Help You With Math

With the next school year just around the corner, returning students are eager for resources that can make their lives just a little bit easier. Math can be a challenging course for many, and typically help with more complex equations that can be difficult to find with only a simple Google search.

Luckily, there are tons of convenient apps and websites available out there that include both step-by-step instructions as well as answers to check work. From Khan Academy to Photomath, these applications can be greatly beneficial to grades and mean all the difference between a C and an A.


Symbolab is both a website and an app available on iPhones and Androids. It has a variety of calculators, that can help with inequalities, integral, and derivative equations and can be used to solve, simplify, factor etc.

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It quickly provides the answer, as well as the steps leading up to the solution. It even includes a graphing calculator and a geometry section where students can draw shapes and lines, and even write and solve their own proofs.

Like many photo applications, Mathway is also a website and an app that’s free to download on iOS or Android. It has a unique format, where the user is “texting” the calculator problems.

Mathway has many functions for all kinds of math, including Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics. Depending on what is inputted, there are options that the user can use to specify how the calculator answers. There is even a camera function to aid use and shorten the steps needed.

MathPapa is both a website and mobile app with five main calculator functions: Algebra, Quadratic Formula, Inequalities, Simplifying, and Derivatives.

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MathPapa is more basic due to its heavy focus on Algebra only but is equipped with many features (including a huge variety of practice problems and lessons linked to the MathPapa YouTube channel). This app is great for students just starting off in Algebra who might need a bit of a boost in the subject to feel more comfortable.


Photomath is a very popular app for iPhones or Androids that can be used to quickly scan problems and immediately receive a step-by-step solution that is incredibly detailed and thorough in its explanation.

It has more than 300 million downloads (via and is ranked highly on the App Store’s Education chart. The reason why many students use this app is because of how simple and easy it is to use – typing in long equations or wordy problems is no longer necessary.

Microsoft Math Solver is available as a website and an app on both the App Store and Google Play. It covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus and has separate calculators for each topic.

It has helpful videos and worksheets linked for extra practice and quizzes to aid in studying. Many love the app because it has a drawing board to use for work. Its simple format makes it more accessible, easier to navigate, and thus easier to use.

WolframAlpha has a huge base of knowledge on more than just math. It’s a website and an app available on mobile devices. It covers topics from elementary math to Earth science to finance and even entertainment.

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When inputting equations, it provides more than just a simple answer, it also includes other helpful information such as graphs, plots, and alternate solutions. This website can really be used for all and any questions and overall is just a great resource to have available.

Desmos has a variety of tools, including a graphing calculator, scientific calculator, matrix calculator, and even geometry tool. Its graphing calculator is also an app available on iOS.

Although the website does not necessarily provide answers to problems, it can be used to replace standard calculators and the typical TI-84 graphing calculators used in schools, saving students some money. It even has a cool annual art contest where students can enter scenes drawn using just the calculator and win prizes.

Cymath is another website that is also an app for iPhones and Androids. Cymath has less advanced topics than other websites and is more catered toward Algebra. Its instruction is very clear and easy to read and understand, showing both the work and written explanations.

It includes reference sheets on logarithms, exponents, factoring, and more. The app even has a camera feature that can scan both printed and handwritten problems to make things just a little bit easier.

Khan Academy is well-known as an entirely free website, and app available to download, with a huge variety of courses and videos that can be used along school courses. It has math topics ranging from Pre-K all the way to AP Calculcus, as well as other topics like AP Physics, computer programming, AP US history, and microeconomics.

Additionally, the website works with CollegeBoard and LSAC themselves to provide official SAT and LSAT preparation that is personalized based on students’ own scores.

GeoGebra is a great tool used for visualizing problems. It’s both a website and a downloadable app on the App Store or Google Play. It’s equipped with a 3D Calculator and Geometry section that can be used to create shapes, lines, and even transform them for dilations, rotations, and reflections.

The GeoGebra Classic includes features to make spreadsheets and probability graphs showing the distribution of data. This website is exceptionally helpful for those working in geometry or statistics.

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