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All Roblox One Piece Rose Codes For August 2022

To receive thousands of free Beli currency in One Piece Rose, Roblox players can redeem a single code available only during August 2022.

Inspired by the popular anime show One PieceOne Piece Rose is a game in Roblox that lets fans experience the adventurous life as a seafaring Pirate or justice-driven Marine who progresses using XP and Beli — two resources players can obtain for free from a redeemable code during August 2022. Beli or “Belly” is the dollar-like currency of the One Piece universe and is used within the world of One Piece Rose for purchasing items and gear in Roblox.

Like other RPG-esque, character progression-based games in the Roblox catalog, XP plays a central role in One Piece Rose, as it is the main resource players must collect to enhance their avatar’s capabilities. The stronger one’s character is, the tougher enemies and opponents they will be able to take on. The available code for One Piece Rose does not actually provide a chunk of XP but instead grants the user a temporary XP-gain buff, letting them level up faster than standard progression. While it is possible to purchase this buff using Robux, players will receive this beneficial feature for free, thanks to the redeemable code.


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It should be noted that there is no guarantee that the One Piece Rose code provided for August 2022 will be available in the coming weeks or days. It is not unusual for a game code’s validity in Roblox to expire within a few days. Accordingly, One Piece Rose fans are encouraged to redeem the code below as soon as possible if they want to acquire the in-game rewards and benefits.

August Codes For Roblox One Piece Rose (2022)

All Roblox One Piece Rose Codes For August 2022

Here is the only code currently available for Roblox One Piece Rose that has been tested and is working as of August 3, 2022:

  • !Code UPD3: The following code can be redeemed in-game to reward the player with 15k Beli and a ×2 XP Boost that lasts for a 30-minute duration.

Unfortunately, there are no more codes available at the moment except this one. Yet, players might be able to find more if they keep an eye on the game’s official update posts, social media, or related influencers. Furthermore, remember that the XP boost takes effect immediately after the code has been redeemed, meaning users should start leveling right after using the code.

To redeem codes for One Piece Rose in Roblox, players must use the in-game chat box. Typically, users will enter the settings menu and input the code into a text field dedicated to code redemption. However, One Piece Rose requires players to input the code as if they were communicating with other players. After hitting enter, a notification on the bottom right of the screen will indicate that the code has been redeemed successfully.

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Roblox is available on PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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