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How The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Zodiac Signs Predict Their Personalities

Season 12 of  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been fun to watch, with newcomer Diana Jenkins making a huge splash. Whether traveling to Mexico, Kyle Richards’s La Quinta home, or attending a holiday lunch at Kyle Richards’s house with Jamie Lee Curtis in attendance, the cast members expressed emotions, fought, and still talked about Erika Girardi’s divorce.

Everyone’s zodiac sign says something compelling about them, from personality traits to why they act the way that they do. And as it turns out, three of the RHOBH cast members are Cancer signs, which might help explain why sometimes they get along and sometimes they butt heads.


Updated on August 5th, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know so much about these women thanks to the experiences that they have shared over several seasons. When digging deeper into the cast’s birthdays and what their zodiac sign says about them, viewers can find out even more about each reality star’s personality traits.

Crystal Kung Minkoff: An Intellectual Aquarius

crystal kung minkoff RHOBH CROPPED

Crystal Kung Minkoff’s February 4th birthday makes her an Aquarius, an Air sign known for liking intelligent discussions, spending time with friends, and standing up for issues and what they believe in.

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Fans saw Crystal bond with Sutton Stracke as they both shared that their fathers suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. This was a heartbreaking scene and helped viewers understand how much empathy Crystal has for other people. Aquarius signs think a lot and sometimes can be on the quiet side, and Crystal did take a few episodes because she seemed comfortable sharing with the group.

Garcelle Beauvais: A Kind And Honest Sagittarius

Garcelle is a Sagittarius as she was born on November 26 and since this zodiac sign is known for being very kind and honest, that explains the RHOBH star perfectly.

Sagittarius signs also love to travel and are said to be funny, which also describes Garcelle as fans often see her joking around with her sons and co-stars. Fire signs are ruled by their honesty and Garcelle does share what she’s thinking. Fans saw this particularly in season 11 when Garcelle talked to Kyle Richards about Erika Girardi’s situation and asked what she thought was really going on. In a difficult scene, Garcelle also brought up Erika’s comment that Tom phoned her regularly, which accidentally upset Erika and caused some tension.

Kathy Hilton: A Sweet, Intuitive Pisces

Kathy Hilton’s funny RHOBH moments may take center stage, but Kyle’s sister is more than just a hilarious presence on season 11 of the beloved reality show. Kathy was born on March 13, making her a Pisces, and this zodiac sign explains several of her personality traits.

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Pisces signs are known for having deep emotions and being intuitive, and Kathy is a kind-hearted person who lives life by her gut instincts. Whenever Erika was talking about her divorce and legal problems, or another cast member was opening up, Kathy would sit there respectfully and politely, and it was clear that she felt a lot of empathy for her co-stars.

Kyle Richards: A Family-Loving Capricorn

Capricorn signs love family and tradition, and so does Kyle, whose birthday is January 11. Fans have loved seeing Kyle at home with her husband Mauricio and their four daughters and it always seems like Kyle is truly in her element when she’s at home. Kyle also enjoys hosting, like the Christmas dinner that she threw for her co-stars in season 11.

These are the most positive personality traits for this zodiac sign, and Capricorns can also worry a lot and think that something bad is going to happen. This definitely describes Kyle, who has talked about her anxiety and feeling concerned quite a lot.

Sutton Stracke: A Quiet, Careful Virgo

Sutton Stracke and Garcelle have a sweet relationship that’s one of the best friendships on RHOBH, and with a September 20th birthday, Sutton is a Virgo sign.

Since Virgos can be quiet, shy, and incredibly careful about what they say and do, this sign does predict a lot of Sutton’s words and actions. When she first joined the reality show, she didn’t talk as much as the others, and there have been many dinner party scenes when Sutton seemed elegant, sweet, and strong, observing everyone around her before giving her opinion.

Erika Girardi: A Sensitive, Strong Cancer

Erika Jayne in a pink shirt at lunch telling the ladies about her divorce in RHOBH

Erika’s July 10 birthday makes her a Cancer like many of her co-stars and she’s definitely got tons of strength. Viewers have seen her talk about her divorce on season 11 and many episodes have gotten super dark and serious as she has shared more details about her marriage and life with Tom.

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One of the most powerful traits of a Cancer sign is not wanting to talk about themselves or share intimate details, and before Erika announced her divorce, that was definitely the case. Her co-stars often struggled to get to know her well and felt that she was standoffish. That all changed with season 11 and the focus on Erika’s trouble and struggles.

Lisa Rinna: A Sympathetic, Family-Oriented Cancer

Lisa Rinna looking surprised in Amsterdam on RHOBH

Lisa Rinna’s best RHOBH quotes help viewers see that she’s a kind, hilarious, and outspoken person who has been a great member of the cast for several years now. With a July 11th birthday, Lisa is also one of the many Cancer signs in the cast.

Like Capricorns, Cancer signs love their family, and fans often see Lisa discussing life with her daughters Amelia and Delilah or hanging out at home with her husband Harry Hamlin. Cancer signs also show sympathy for what others are going through, and while Lisa made several mistakes over the seasons, from questioning Yolanda Hadid’s Lyme disease and talking about whether Kim Richards was drinking, she did show remorse, regret, and kindness after these situations.

Dorit Kemsley: A Cancer Wearing Her Heart On Her Sleeve

rhobh dorit wwhl

Dorit Kemsley is another Cancer sign who is part of the RHOBH cast with a July 14th birthday.

Cancer traits have predicted a lot about Dorit’s personality, most notably how deeply she feels things, especially when she’s dealing with some tension in her friendships. While Dorit has fought with her co-stars, most recently upset that Kyle interrupted her too much, Dorit always wears her heart on her sleeve and explains how she’s feeling. Cancer signs love their friends and family and if someone is part of their inner circle, they show them lots of compassion, which is exactly how Dorit treats her pals.

Diana Jenkins: A Sweet And Opinionated Virgo

Diana Jenkins wearing a red dress in a confessional on RHOBH

Diana Jenkins was born on August 23rd, and many celebrity friends including Neil Patrick Harris have offered up birthday wishes. This makes Diana a Virgo, as Virgo signs are born between August 23rd and September 22nd.

Virgo signs are said to be quiet, which doesn’t describe Diana since she has no problem speaking up. Virgos are loyal to friends and family, who does sound like Diana, who fans saw at home with her kids and fiance in many scenes from season 12. Virgos don’t like to share their emotions with just anyone and can be guarded until they feel comfortable. While Diana is close to some co-stars, she had a conflict with Sutton as they couldn’t understand each other.

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