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Sandra Bullock’s 10 Highest-Grossing Movies, According To Box Office Mojo

Sandra Bullock marked her second release of 2022 with Bullet Train on August 5th, following The Lost City earlier in the year. Bullock has recently taken a break from acting, which leaves the current ranking of her biggest box office successes as a concrete list for the time being.

The best way to learn about Bullock’s best-grossing films is through Box Office Mojo, which tracks the collections of films worldwide and from the US market. Bullock has tasted success in every genre from science fiction films like Gravity, to animated blockbusters such as Minions. With Bullet Train also appealing to audiences, it’s worth checking out Bullock’s best in terms of commercial performance.


10 Two Weeks Notice (2002) – $199 Million

Two Weeks Notice saw Sandra Bullock appear alongside another romantic comedy stalwart like Hugh Grant. The film is about Bullock’s character, Lucy, handing in her resignation to Grant’s George, but falling in love with him over the course of the two weeks’ notice.

Two Weeks Notice was a notable hit for Bullock, grossing $199 million (as per Box Office Mojo). It had a sizable gross in both the domestic and international market, quickly recouping its $60 million to continue the actors’ hot streak in the genre.

9 Miss Congeniality (2000) – $212.8 Million

Pageant contestants on stage in Miss Congeniality

One of the films that Sandra Bullock’s career is most associated with, Miss Congeniality was a surprise hit at the time considering its $45 million budget. It has a simple premise of Agent Gracie Hart infiltrating a beauty pageant to find the villain, with a lot of comedy coming from her various pratfalls.

Miss Congeniality grossed an impressive $212 million (as per Box Office Mojo), with the domestic market accounting for more than half of the gross. While worldwide fans appreciated the film, the US market really took to Bullock’s performance in the lead role.

8 The Prince Of Egypt (1998) – $218.6 Million

Miriam in the desert in The Prince Of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt is often confused to be a Disney movie but is actually a Dreamworks feature about the Book of Exodus’ account of Moses leading his people out of Egypt. Sandra Bullock voiced Miriam, the biological sister of the protagonist.

The Prince of Egypt wasn’t the huge success that most animation films at the time were, but it did well enough to gross $218 million (as per Box Office Mojo) As with many other pictures featuring Bullock, about half of the revenue came from the US market, proving that she drew even when she wasn’t technically seen onscreen.

7 The Heat (2013) – $229.9 Million

Sandra Bullock wearing an FBI vest in The Heat

Sandra Bullock returned to the comedy genre after years and audiences were very receptive to her. The Heat saw Bullock team with comedian Melissa McCarthy in a story about an inept FBI agent who partners with a gritty detective to take down a mobster.

The Heat’s success was primarily due to the US box office, with $159 million of its eventual $229 million coming from the domestic market (as per Box Office Mojo). The film also received positive reviews to bolster its appeal, signifying a worthy return for Bullock to comedy.

6 Ocean’s 8 (2018) – $297.8 Million

Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett sitting in a park in Ocean's 8

The female-led spin-off Ocean’s 8 had Sandra Bullock lead an ensemble cast, playing the sister of Danny Ocean from the original series. Ocean’s 8 has the same premise and outline of the main characters pulling off multimillion heists using creative means.

Ocean’s 8 didn’t match the original films’ success but still made a notable $297.8 million worldwide (as per Box Office Mojo). The presence of other A-listers alongside Bullock, like Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway boosted the film’s value, overcoming its $70 million budget with ease.

5 The Blind Side (2009) – $309.2 Million

Sandra Bullock won the Oscar Award for Best Actress for The Blind Side, appearing as Leigh Anne Tuohy as she adopts Michael Oher to encourage him into becoming an American football offensive lineman. The Blind Side was a surprise hit that reconfirmed Bullock’s acting prowess.

The Blind Side was a blockbuster at the US box office, making as much as $255 million of its final gross of $309 million on the domestic market (as per Box Office Mojo). The sports theme and Bullock’s highly acclaimed performance were a perfect combination that ensured the film’s success.

4 The Proposal (2009) – $317.4 Million

Margaret proposes to Andrew on the street in The Proposal

At the time of its release, The Proposal was the highest-grossing romantic comedy of Sandra Bullock’s career. Playing to her strengths, the actress appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds. The pair portrayed two people putting on an act of being a couple for visa purposes before falling in love for real.

The Proposal’s feel-good premise and the chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds propelled it to a $317 million gross (as per Box Office Mojo). It ranked as one of the best-forming romantic comedies, bringing back significant interest in the genre, partially thanks to Bullock’s performance.

3 Speed (1994) – $350.4 Million

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves driving a bus in Speed

Sandra Bullock was already a notable name, but Speed made her an A-list star upon release. Starring Keanu Reeves as Officer Jack Traven, Speed sees him boarding a bus set to explode if it goes under a certain speed limit, with Bullock portraying the courageous Annie Porter who aids Jack.

Speed was a worldwide blockbuster, grossing $350.4 million (according to Box Office Mojo). Bullock and Reeves were praised for their dynamic that really sold the tension and dangerous romance of the film and audiences happily went to the cinema to make Speed a success.

2 Gravity (2013) – $723.2 Million

Gravity 2013

Sandra Bullock gained an Oscar nomination for Gravity, which took the world by storm for its technical achievements. It sees astronaut Ryan Stone attempt to survive being stranded in space as she looks to find a way back to Earth before the harsh atmosphere claims her life.

Gravity is the most critically acclaimed film of Sandra Bullock’s career, also becoming her highest-grossing release at the time with a $723 million worldwide tally (as per Box Office Mojo). In an interesting twist, Bullock appealed to the international market more than the US, with Gravity racking up $449 million around the world.

1 Minions (2015) – $1.159 Billion

Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and the Minions

The spin-off to the Despicable Me series, Minions proved the yellow, adorable creatures had massive appeal. Sandra Bullock voiced the villainous Scarlet Overkill who manipulates the minions into becoming her henchmen until they realize she’s too nefarious for them to serve.

Minions went on to be the biggest movie made by Illumination studios, even outgrossing the Despicable Me movies to end up with a $1.159 billion gross (as per Box Office Mojo). The presence of an international star like Sandra Bullock contributed to its success, in turn becoming her number one blockbuster as well.

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