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Why Bam Feels ‘Journalism’ Is Dead

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has issues with modern journalism, as he thinks that reporters portray his family, and Alaska, in negative ways.

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People is less than impressed with a recent news story that bashed the Wolf Pack. The father of two has always stood up for his beliefs, especially when he feels that he has been wronged. Now, Bear is lashing out at people that his family used to be close to when they lived in the bush.

The Browns (Ami, the late Billy, Matt, Bam, Noah, Gabe, Bear, Bird, and Rain), originally lived out in the wilds of Alaska. After thirty years of living off the land, the family was forced to vacate their land due to Ami’s cancer battle. They moved to the West Coast. The family members all relocated to the Pacific Northwest (Washington State), where they built a new “Browntown.” The Discovery Channel show documents the family and its goal of not becoming like other American families. The Browns have chosen to remove themselves from the culture that they believe is hindering their growth, to the point where they can go six months without coming into contact with an outsider. The family members even have a unique accent and dialect, thanks to the years they have spent isolated from other human beings.


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Last weekend, Bear took to his Instagram to defend himself (and the entire Wolf Pack) from haters. It appears that some local Alaskans don’t appreciate what the Browns are trying to do with their show, and are not welcoming them back with open arms. A local named Mark Hofstad recently spoke with Alaska Public Media, after some of the Browns took a trip back to the Southeast Coast earlier this month, and stopped in Petersburg. Bear wrote that he was “ashamed” to call people like Mark Alaskans, and felt that real journalism was “dead.”

ABP Bear Brown

The news article in question shares that a lot of former friends of Bear and his family were not exactly thrilled that the Wolf Pack came back, and the fact that the family expressed interest in buying some land. Clearly, Mark has issues with the family, as he told the outlet that he approached harbor patrol, asking officials to force the family to move their boat. He said, “Just cause I don’t want to look at ’em.” It appears that Bear’s brother Gabe also showed up and tried to shake hands, but the owner of the Norseman vessel didn’t want to do that. Even a former neighbor by the name of Jim Stanford called the family “conmen.”

It seems that there are a lot of negative feelings about the Alaskan Bush People stars’ claims that they are Alaskans, which may stem from an incident in 2014, when six of the Browns were charged with Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) fraud. They’d received payments that they didn’t qualify for. PFD is for Alaskan citizens only, as it allows true Alaskans to share in a portion of the State’s minerals revenue. After Billy and Bam took the plea deal, the rest of the charges were dropped, and the family members had to pay back the $21,000 that they were given. While it is clear that residents feel the family is portraying Alaskans as morons, Bear stood firm, sharing his viewpoint that he and his family belong in the bush as much as anyone else does.

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Sources: Bear Brown/Instagram, APM

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