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PUBG: The Best Drop Spots in Deston

The best location to drop in PUBG: Battlegrounds’ newest map Deston is the Lodge, as it hides a secret bunker underneath it with plenty of good loot.

With the addition of the Deston map to PUBG: Battlegrounds, players will have to figure out the best places to drop in order to maximize their chances of winning. PUBG: Battlegrounds is a free-to-play battle royale in which up to a hundred players compete to survive on a map by scavenging for weapons and equipment that will help them in their quest to be the last person or team standing. As the game progresses, the playable area begins to shrink, culminating in only a small portion of the map being safe to stay on, forcing survivors into direct confrontation. Deston is the ninth map added to PUBG: Battlegrounds, and with it comes exclusive features that will force players to adapt if they wish to win.


Deston is the biggest map ever added to PUBG, providing a multitude of cities and landmarks for players to explore. It offers a unique and diverse environment that ranges from swamps and coastlines to cities and mountainsides. The region’s tall buildings provide a lot of great sniper spots, and the new reusable parachutes will allow players to reposition to other buildings on the fly. It is also home to many secret locations, some of which can only be accessed via drones.

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Along with Deston, PUBG added a lot of exclusive features, among which are Ascenders, which are incredibly useful to ascend or descend structures. Also introduced to PUBG: Battlegrounds was a new vehicle, the Airboat, that will allow players to travel across land and water with ease but at the risk of getting shot, as it offers little to no cover. Cell Towers are tall structures that can be used by players to zipline to the top in order to glide over terrain with their parachutes. Lastly, players will have access to the Bluechip Detector, a tactical gear that lets them detect players within a fixed radius.

Best Places to Drop in Deston in PUBG: Battlegrounds


Deston is a huge map that offers players a lot of choices regarding drop spots. Big cities, like Ripton, are bound to have more loot density and provide better cover, but will likely also be the chosen drop spots of most players in PUBG, meaning that they will probably engage in combat as soon as they hit the ground. Alternatively, players can go to less crowded places, such as Cavala or the Construction Site, at the cost of reduced loot. Because of the vertical nature of this region, high-rise cities can quickly become havens for snipers who manage to find a good position, so players that are unlucky enough to have to approach one during the mid to late game, may find themselves at a pretty disadvantageous position.

The Lodge in Deston hides beneath it an underground bunker with tons of decent loot and even a secret room that requires a key card to open, making it one of the best locations to drop on this map in PUBG: Battlegrounds. This bunker also has three passageways that lead in and out onto the surrounding area of the Lodge, something that players can use to their advantage. This location is likely to attract a handful of people each game, making these passageways incredibly useful for setting up traps and ambushes on unsuspecting players that head straight for the bunker.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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