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Sutton Stracke Explains Where Lisa Rinna’s Anger Comes From

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke explains where Lisa Rinna’s anger toward her comes from and reflects on Lisa’s grief.

Sutton Stracke, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, considers Lisa Rinna’s anger toward her this season and reflects on where the anger may be coming from. Sutton made her first appearance on the hit franchise as a “friend of” Lisa Rinna, and the women were quickly captivated by her off-beat charm, unique fashion sense, and impressive wealth. Sutton officially joined as a housewife, earning her diamond in season eleven. Sutton quickly made waves with the other women, particularly Crystal Minkoff, who she clashed with on a group trip. The two exchanged heated words after Crystal accused Sutton of being the type of person to not see color, which Sutton took offense to. Through the argument, Sutton proved that she is a worthy sparring partner and not one to mince words, much to the delight of viewers who were converted to fans.


RHOBH season 12 has been a challenging one for Sutton, who seems to have a problem with Lisa Rinna at every turn. Sutton and Lisa have not seen eye to eye. The two powerhouse women are well-matched in their bluntness and willingness to stand up for themselves. They clashed over a dispute regarding Elton John’s charity gala, to which Sutton claimed to have bought tickets for Lisa and her husband ,Harry Hamlin. For her part, Lisa maintained that Sutton did no such thing and that she and Harry paid their own way into the event. The misunderstanding led to multiple snide comments and escalated into a big fight.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sutton reflected on the tension between her and Lisa and speculated on where the anger might be coming from. Sutton provided insight into the context of Lisa’s situation, explaining that she believes a lot of Lisa’s hostility was really grief over losing her mother, Lois, and that Lisa used Sutton as a channel for the emotions she was feeling following the loss. “I think that this season, Lisa was grieving, and points of grief have lots of ebbs and flows,” Sutton said, “[Maybe] I was a safe place for Lisa to launch the anger part of grief. But I think that a lot of it was grief. I do.” 

Lois, Lisa Rinna’s mother, made many cameos throughout seasons of RHOBH and was beloved by fans for her fresh take on the drama and lighthearted humor. Since her death, Lisa has blasted Bravo for their portrayal of Lois’ death. The show included one episode that focused on a tribute to Lisa’s mother, but Lisa felt the franchise could have done more to honor her. Sutton was able to parse out Lisa’s genuine anger toward her and her general anger over experiencing the death of her mother. “I think there’s some real anger, but then I think that anger is heightened because of what all is going on in her personal life,” she said.

Not only is Sutton clashing with Lisa, but she is also dealing with major drama from newcomer Diana Jenkins. Diana appeared to take every opportunity to put Sutton down, which Sutton eventually confronted. Fortunately, Sutton could rely on support from her fierce friend Garcelle Beauvais. Sutton and Garcelle have been close since arriving as newcomers to the franchise together, and their alliance is one of the most beloved by fans. Whether or not Lisa and Sutton will be able to get their friendship back on track remains to be seen in this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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