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10 Of The Unluckiest Contestants In Big Brother History

Big Brother 24 is already in full swing, and the new houseguests are showcasing their social skills and strategic prowess. Players usually need to be physically fit, intelligent, and socially aware in order to succeed in the game. However, luck can favor some over others in the Big Brother House.

As the saying goes sometimes it is better to be lucky than good, but that’s not the case for these former Big Brother houseguests. Whether it be game-altering twists or something out of the players’ control, these houseguests had some unlucky breaks.


Cowboy (Big Brother 5)

Cowboy was on season 5 of the show and played a good game to become a fan favorite. But his bad luck began at the end of his season.

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Cowboy made it to the final two but ultimately lost the vote 4-3 to Drew. He later had a chance to come back for Big Brother 7, which was an all-star season, but he did not get voted in by America. Heartbreakingly, he also had a chance to come back for Big Brother 11, but luck did not fall his way that time either. Cowboy’s luck seemed to run out after the final 3 of Big Brother 5.

Eric (Big Brother 8)

Eric played on the first Big Brother post-all-star season and was incorporated into the season’s big twist. He was chosen to be America’s player, so all of his decisions that impacted the game were picked by America.

Eric was well-liked in the house and made it to the final five with the burden of America’s player. However, since he had to do America’s bidding, he had to save Dick in week 6 because America wanted to keep him in the game. Therefore, Dustin went home and Dick stayed and went on to win the whole game. If Dick had gone in week 6, Eric would have been in a good spot and definitely could have won it all.

Sharon (Big Brother 9)

Big Brother 9 was the first season played during the winter and had a couples twist. This ultimately impacted Sharon’s game tremendously.

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Sharon was paired up with Jacob, who also happened to be her ex-boyfriend, which immediately made them targets. It also did not help that Jacob made everyone angry in week 1, so both of them were voted out first. However, she was chosen to be brought back by another houseguest after their partner had to leave the show. Sharon then made it to the final three, where an infamous trick question in the HOH competition cost her the win, and she was evicted.

Jessie (Big Brother 10 & 11)

It was shocking how bad Jessie’s luck was both times he played. His unlucky fortune can be traced back to a twist that involved America in both seasons.

On Big Brother 10 Jessie was a loud personality who liked to speak his mind. In the week he was evicted, there was a twist where one houseguest will be America’s player for a week. Dan was voted by America to be their player. A part of this twist was Dan had to advocate for the current HOH to put Jessie up, who was not on the HOH’s radar. Jessie was later evicted. Jessie was in a great position in the house when a played a second time until Jeff used the Coup D’Etat, which was an overpowered twist that made Jessie go from an extremely comfortable position to evicted in one night.

Shelly (Big Brother 13)

Shelly was on Big Brother 13 which also had a duos twist, so everyone was paired up with someone for the first half of the game. However, in week 8 the duo twist was brought back which screwed up Shelly’s game.

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In the week prior, Shelly voted out her ally Jeff, much to the dismay of his other allies, Jordan and Rachel. When the twist was brought back, Shelly was paired with Adam, who was known in the house as the worst player, competition-wise. They lost the veto, which meant Jordan and Rachel were the majority of voters that week and Shelly was voted out.

Britney (Big Brother 12 & 14)

Britney was an immediate fan favorite in Big Brother 12, so it was a pleasure for fans to see her again two seasons later on Big Brother 14. Arguments can be made that if certain things fall her way she could have won one, or both, seasons.

In Big Brother 12, she made it to the final four and thought her closest ally Lane had her back. Unfortunately for her, Lane was a part of one of the best secret alliances in Big Brother‘s history, The Brigade. She was alone and lost the only competition that would have saved her. In Big Brother 14, she got screwed by an extra veto that was incorporated into the game. When Frank could not put Ian on the block because he won the extra veto, he had to put up Ian’s closest ally, which was Britney. She was in a great spot but she was voted out that week.

Jodi (Big Brother 14)

Jodi is very famous in Big Brother history because she was the first-ever day one eviction. Unlike other day-one evictions, Jodi only had one opportunity to save herself.

Big Brother 14 was played in teams for the first half and those teams were picked by a schoolyard draw. Jodi was picked dead last out of everyone by one of the best Big Brother players ever, Dan. When Dan’s team was compared to the other captains, they did not stand a chance to win anything physical. At the end of day one, Dan had to evict one of his players and he chose Jodi. If Dan’s team is more physical, then Jodi might have survived day one.

Amber (Big Brother 16)

Amber was on the 16th season of the show. She did not get a lot of screen time, and when she did, it was usually dedicated to Caleb’s crush on her.

Amber’s bad luck starts when she was not in the powerful alliance of the season called The Detonators. She also was only ever looked at as the girl Caleb had a crush on, which caused her to have little impact on the game. Amber was their target in week 5, and even after Christine’s best attempts to screw over The Detonator’s plan, she was still evicted.

Cody (Big Brother 19)

Cody’s bad luck started when he won the first HOH competition of the summer. Due to no fault of his own had to nominate several people for eviction, so he made a lot of enemies.

Cody first nominated Megan and Alex for eviction, but then Megan quite a few days later. So, he had to nominate another person, which was Jillian. Then Alex won the veto so he was forced to nominate someone else. He tried to nominate Paul, but they had a special power that granted them protection for the first few weeks. So he nominated Christmas, which was the fifth house guest he nominated. Cody had bad luck this week, but he married his Big Brother showmance Jessica, so his luck was not totally bad.

David (Big Brother 21)

David is a member of the infamous first-night evictions club. He had the opportunity to save himself, but luck was not in his favor.

He was picked by another houseguest, along with three others to compete in one competition to save themselves.  The competitors had to find their way out of a pitch-black room, so there was very little skill involved. David lost this competition, but there was a battle back this season. David lost to Cliff, who was not the original target for the week he was evicted. Therefore, if Nicole is evicted instead of Cliff, David has a better shot to come back into the game.

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