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10 Best True Crime Shows To Watch On Discovery+

True crime is one of the most popular genres of television at the moment. With recent shows like Candy and Finding Andrea, there is no doubt its fanbase is growing larger. Fans love watching shows that tell the gruesome and intriguing tales of real-life crimes that have happened.

Whether it’s a local hometown case or on every news station, viewers love to try and solve the mystery right along with the show. Finding out who’s guilty and if they get caught gives fans a sense of thrill and excitement. With the luck of the draw, Discovery+ has a wide variety of true crime shows that are a must-see for true crime lovers.


10 American Cartel (2021)

American Cartel has many true crime aspects from murder to drugs. When an officer is murdered, the investigation turns into an international manhunt. Millions of dollars end up being seized and the truth unravels as investigators find out a U.S. street gang has a close relationship with one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels.

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What starts as a murder investigation eventually unravels to reveal details much scarier. It gives viewers an unexpected twist when they find out just how far the case develops when details of a gang and cartel affiliations appear. The deeper they dive into the case more dangerous it gets bringing plenty of suspense to the audience.

9 The Hillside Strangler (2021-2022)

The Hillside Strangler is a story well known in the true crime community. In the 1970s, in the Los Angeles area of California, a man hunted the streets looking for his next murder victims. Years later when Ken Bianchi was arrested, he tells detectives he knows the identity of the Hillside Strangler. When he starts talking, the police realize he’s describing himself.

Fans get a better insight with The Hillside Strangler, as the accounts are told by Ken Bianchi, The Hillside Strangler, himself. His persona as he speaks with cops is disturbing to viewers. And as he dives deeper into the case, he gives descriptive details of the gruesome murders which may make some viewers nope out of the true crime show.

8 World’s Most Evil Killers (2017-)

From the Milwaukee Cannibal to Ed Gein, World’s Most Evil Killers is the perfect show for any true crime fanatic. It tells tales of gruesome and horrific murders, with each episode telling the infamous story of a different killer. The episode contains accounts told by detectives, journalists, relatives, and survivors.

World’s Most Evil Killers makes fans’ fears come alive. The unique stories told by each person involved are true and horrifying making fans second guess the people they think they know. Details of the cases that are revealed will make fans rethink the facts they thought they knew.

7 Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks (2017)

From the ’70s to the ’90s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jeffrey Dahmer hunted the streets for his victims. Showing the first televised interview with Dahmer, this show relives interviews with relatives and surviving victims of the murderer and cannibal.

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Dahmer on Dahmer gives an inside look at the gruesome twisted tale of the “good guy” everyone thinks they know. As fans get a close and personal look at him and his crimes it leaves them filled with dread and the realization that people may not always be who they seem.

6 Finding Andrea (2021-)

Finding Andrea is a show about the disappearance of a single mother named Andrea Knabel in Louisville, Kentucky. She was a young, helpful, and generous woman but, maybe she isn’t who she was thought to be. As her loved ones search for her and information about her disappearance, they start to unravel more than what they bargained for.

The shocking and disturbing new discoveries her family finds out about her as they try to crack the case will keep fans on the edge of their seat. Even more disturbing, the details they unravel will leave fans in complete disbelief. After watching this show viewers will start to question what their own loved ones are hiding.

5 Queen Of Meth (2021)

This is an interesting true crime documentary that isn’t about murder. Queen of Meth follows Lori Arnold, one of America’s most notorious drug dealers, as she goes back to her hometown and reflects on her life of crime.

Fans will love the excitement of the story as it goes through the ups and downs during her life of crime. Lori explains the dangers and fears that go along with her drug of choice, meth. The realities of the show are enough to frighten viewers but, the triumph end is enough to make them feel good about her redemption from her old life.

4 The Lake Erie Murders (2018-2020)

Lake Erie is a fascinating location, boarding four states in the U.S. and Canada. The many locations it touches on hold many secrets of the various murders that have taken place there.

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Fans will find this show haunting as each episode unfolds a true and dark tale of a murder that occurred on Lake Erie. The twists and turns of the details are enough to keep the viewers on edge with suspense. Shocking details will leave them wanting to find out more about the cases.

3 Fear Thy Neighbor (2014-2021)

Fear Thy Neighbor breaks down into various episodes each containing its own dark tale about murder. The documentary describes the feuds that have taken place between neighbors that escalate to unthinkable levels.

These truly scary stories of this show will leave viewers looking over their shoulders and thinking twice about their neighbors. The violent and gruesome details of the cases are disturbing enough to leave them with a gut-wrenching feeling. This proves that sometimes small arguments just aren’t worth it.

2 Web Of Lies (2014-)

The old saying stands true, people may not be who they seem online. Web Of Lies tells individuals stories of the horrors they faced online. From stalkers to serial killers, predators creep behind the computer screen to lure their victims into harm’s way.

These chilling true tales of harmless online interactions that turn out to be full of manipulation and lies will make any viewer second guess who they are chatting with. As social media continues to grow today will give viewers the realization of how terrifying the internet can be.

1 Deadly Women (2008-)

The aptly named Deadly Women is a women-centric true crime show about women who have committed murder. It covers cases from older ones based in the 1890s to more recent ones in 2001. Reenactments of the crimes are based on the stories of police reports and investigations to explore their motives. Hoping to prove that women are fueled by a more complex and long-term reason to kill as opposed to men.

As one of the most intriguing true crime shows available on Discovery +, viewers will be glued to the show out of curiosity. It takes an unusual perspective on the women who have committed murder by trying to prove more than just a motive.

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