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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Superman As A Character

These days, the DCEU is in everyone’s mouths. Whether because Rolling Stone publishes a scathing article breaking down the #RestoretheSnyderverse movement or because of the many delays its long-gestating projects constantly suffer, the struggling universe can’t seem to catch a break.

Not all is bad, though, because fans still have fond memories of the good old days when Henry Cavill played Superman. The British actor’s take on the character might’ve been more stoic than other more traditional adaptations of the Man of Steel. However, he remains beloved by fans, who use several memes to summarize the character’s essence.


10 All In The Family

The “Martha” twist in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice remains controversial. Many consider it a lazy and outright dumb way of resolving the titular heroes’ issues, while others appreciate its poetic nature. In any case, the twist has become one of the most infamous parts of the film, and fans keep poking fun at it all these years later.

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Case in point, Twitter user @llen_215 used Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto — famous for his blind loyalty towards family — to make fun of the pivotal “Martha” moment. These days, it’s all about the multiverse, so a variant of Toretto might be walking the streets of Gotham unbeknownst to everyone, waiting for his chance to celebrate the importance of family.

9 Did Someone Say Explosion?

Batman v. Superman was full of tropes that affected the movie, but its treatment of Superman as a misunderstood figure is one of its most intriguing aspects. The film’s version of Superman isn’t the positive hero fans know and love, but it does more to break down the Man of Steel’s dual nature than any movie, before or since.

Still, Superman comes across as somewhat dumb in the film, and the explosion at the courthouse is the perfect example. Twitter user @CJ_Kirk1979 draws a parallel between Fox’s Quicksilver and the DCEU’s Superman; it might be an unfair comparison, but it’s funny nonetheless.

8 Dad Humor At Its Best

Lex Luthor is Superman’s most powerful villain and his ultimate archenemy. The two have one of the most complex and intense rivalries in comic book history, but the DCEU didn’t do much with it. Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of the villain was only so-so, but at least his rivalry with Henry Cavill’s Superman was believable.

Twitter user @geek_life38 posted this funny meme about a silly interaction between the Last Son of Krypton and his nemesis. The humor is dumb, but it feels like the kind of joke Superman would make, and the DCEU needs some lightening up, especially its version of Superman.

7 Legends Supporting Legends?

Aquaman was a surprise box office success in the winter of 2018. Following Justice League’s critical and commercial failure and the scandal surrounding it, Aquaman had the difficult task of keeping the DCEU alive and proving that fans were still invested in its story.

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It succeeded and grossed $1.1 billion worldwide, shocking everyone. The Twitter account @letsgocomicshow posted this hilarious meme about Superman and Batman’s reaction to Aquaman‘s excellent performance at the box office. It’s great to imagine Supes and the Bat being happy for their underappreciated friend, but it must sting that DC’s two most famous characters were surpassed by the man in orange spandex.

6 The Man Of Steel Strikes Again

It’s no secret that Superman is one of the most overpowered superheroes of all time. He has a collection of superpowers that immediately make him a massive threat in battle, and while his fellow Justice Leaguers are also impressive, Superman’s abilities are one of a kind.

This witty meme by a now-deleted Reddit account pokes fun at how reliant the Justice League is on Superman’s powers. It oversimplifies things and willfully discards Wonder Woman and Flash’s contributions to the League, but it’s all in good fun. The League might not be the one-man show the meme declares it to be, but Superman is their undeniable star.

5 Make It Make Sense

Man of Steel has become more widely regarded throughout the years, with many now considering it one of the best superhero origin stories. The film premiered in 2013, and nearly ten years later, it’s still missing a sequel despite intense fan interest. It’s not like Superman’s lore isn’t large enough to support a sequel; indeed, many villains would work in a potential Man of Steel 2, so it’s bizarre that the project hasn’t materialized.

Things become even more illogical when considering B-list characters like Peacemaker, Morbius, and Kraven have solo projects — although Peacemaker is amazing, to be fair. Still, the absence of a Man of Steel sequel is weird, and this meme by Instagram account knows it.

4 Pennywise The Dancing Superman

Superman’s weird mustache-less face was one of the most controversial and laughed-at parts of 2017’s Justice League. His face looked ridiculously enlarged and fake, to the point where Henry Cavill looked unattractive, and when you make Cavill look unattractive, you know you’re in trouble.

The choice to delete the actor’s mustache with CGI was ridiculous from the start, and it hasn’t aged any better. drew a comparison between Pennywise the Dancing Clown’s terrifying smile and Superman’s creepy grin, and it’s honestly quite uncanny.

3 He Is The Man Of Steel!

For all its flaws, the DCEU made sure to portray Superman as the absolute powerhouse he is. His fight scene against the Justice League is one of the struggling universe’s highlights in both the 2017 version and  Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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2 Low Blow!

Krypton’s destruction is one of the most important events in the DC timeline. It begins Superman’s storyline and is the main reason he’s on Earth. It’s also one of the many tragedies of his life, leaving him as the last survivor of his species, at least until this plot point got retconned.

Twitter user @grey50house posted this hilariously cruel meme about the banter Superman and Batman would’ve shared while fighting in Batman v. Superman. Should the two ever enter a war of words, Batman would probably win; he is somewhat of a troll, and this response would probably be in his arsenal.

1 Or Are They?

For years after Batman v. Superman, the Man of Steel appeared in cameo form throughout many DCEU projects. However, his face was notoriously missing, leading many to believe Henry Cavill would never return to the role that made him a star. However, recent developments seem promising, and Cavill might indeed don the red cape again.

Still, his absence led fans to make memes for many years, making fun of the DCEU’s willingness to cheapen its brand by featuring headless-Superman cameos. Twitter user @TrevorPKwain posted this fun meme featuring Dwayne Johnson and his upcoming movie, Black Adam. Only time will tell if Cavill will return to the role, but Superman’s absence from the DCEU is almost as relevant as his actual appearances.

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