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Golden Globes To Make NBC Return After One Year Off The Air

NBC considers airing the long-running HFPA Golden Globes ceremony once again in 2023 amid controversy over the organization’s concerning practices.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s (HFPA) Golden Globes are in talks to return to NBC in 2023. Often considered a precursor ceremony to the Oscars, the Golden Globe awards started in January 1944. Originally, the award ceremony was founded by a group of non-American journalists hoping to develop a metric by which to better understand Hollywood media for non-US markets. The Golden Globes is described as a ceremony “recognizing excellence in American and international film and television,” and had aired consistently on NBC since 1996 — until recent controversy changed things.


Just before the Golden Globes awards in 2021, an LA Times exposè brought the HFPA under fire for issues regarding diversity, representation and financial controversies. It was revealed that the organization of 87 people had no Black members, and had allegedly also been engaging in unethical practices. This lead to an industry-wide outcry in which even three-time Golden Globe winner Tom Cruise elected to return his awards. NBC backed out of hosting the ceremony that year amid the boycotts, stating that the network would be open to welcoming the organization back in 2023 if the appropriate changes were made.

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According to recent reports from THR and The Wrap, the time may have come for the Golden Globes to return to the silver screen. The ceremony will reportedly air on NBC on Tuesday, January 10th, 2023. Though the ceremony is traditionally aired on Sundays, network scheduling conflicts necessitated a change from the regular slot. There are no reports as of yet regarding who will be in attendance, but the conversations provide hope for fans of the awards who missed the un-televised ceremony in 2022.

NBC had previously reported that it would only host the Golden Globes again if the HFPA took the time to return in the right fashion, addressing both financial and representation issues. Whether that change has actually occurred is up for debate. The HFPA has made some changes, including banning gifts for members and removing the cap on new members, which allowed them to slightly increase diversity among its members. However, other changes have included the move to become a for-profit organization, with a separate non-profit structure and an unpaid invitation to vote on the Golden Globes for non-members.

Recently, a stronger spotlight has been shone on issues of injustice and wrong-doing in the entertainment industry. However, follow-through when a crisis is identified is key. The Golden Globes were boycotted for one year, and made some changes that were not supported by many of the incumbent members. It seems that they will now return to NBC with little long-term initiative to further correct systemic issues witihin the HFPA. There are certainly many factors at play, including NBC’s 2018 contract that stipulates a commitment to host the Globes through 2026, as well as the proceeds and media attention that the ceremony often brings to the nominated films and television shows each year. It remains to be seen how successful the 2023 Golden Globes ceremony is, and even if NBC goes through with resuming its airing of the ceremony, hopefully the HFPA will continue the work they are doing to improve beyond just 2023.

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Source: THR, The Wrap

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