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Jason Todd Calls Out The Lost Child DC Has Apparently Forgotten

Spoiler warning for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3

Currently, Jason Todd seems to be the only DC Comics character who remembers the Justice League’s lost daughter: Lian Harper. The daughter of assassin Cheshire and Green Arrow’s former sidekick Roy Harper, Lian was once a major presence in the DC Universe. Despite teasing her return in last year’s Infinite Frontier event, she has rarely been remembered—that is, until Jason Todd promises to help find her.


One of the continuity casualties of the New 52 era in DC Comics, Lian has been in limbo since her death in 2010. During the events of Infinite Frontier, after Roy Harper, too, was resurrected from the dead, it was revealed that Roy still remembers his beloved daughter very well. Elsewhere in the DC Universe, it appeared as though Lian has actually been alive this whole time, working as a young ally to Catwoman under the name “Shoes.” Lian doesn’t seem to remember her past, nor her parents. When Roy realized Lian was still alive and lost in the world, it seemed like he was ready to go on a quest to find her. Since then, however, Roy has only appeared in the now-canceled Teen Titans Academy, where he stuck around to proctor exams instead of search for his daughter.

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The search might again be on, however, courtesy of Roy’s former crime-fighting partner, Red Hood. In Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3 by Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Danny Miki, Daniel Henriques, Alejandro Sánchez, and Tom Napolitano, Jason and Roy reunite for the first time since Roy returned from the dead. Despite the bigger events happening around them, Jason remembers what so few have: Lian is still out there. The two heroes clasp hands, and Jason says: “Don’t worry, brother. I remember. We’ll find Lian.

Jason Todd is a true friend to Roy Harper, given how he seems to be the only one—even over Roy’s original team, the Titans—who remembers the important task of finding his long-lost daughter. This minor panel is certainly something of note for Roy and Lian fans, though, despite the long wait for the father-daughter reunion. Even though a long year has passed since Roy Harper first remembered the existence of his daughter—and learned that she was still alive—this panel proves that DC hasn’t completely forgotten about this teased storyline. Hopefully fans will see Roy and Lian come back together sooner rather than later, and perhaps they will even be lucky enough to have Roy’s former Outlaws partner, Jason Todd, along for the ride.

DC needs to follow through on their implied promise to return Lian Harper to her father, and Jason Todd knows it. With the Justice League currently “dead” and the other heroes otherwise occupied with the aftermath, it’s no surprise only one of Roy’s closest friends as remembered the search for Lian. But now that her loss has once again been pointed out, it’s high time DC reunites Roy and Lian Harper for good.

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Check out Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, available now from DC Comics!

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