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Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ New Delay Came At The Worst Time

With trailers, character deep dives, and promotional marketing having picked up, Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ second delay comes at a very poor time.

With all the excitement building around the game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns most recent delay comes at the worst time. The game is still expected to release this fiscal year on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Playstation 5. However, previous generation consoles and Nintendo Switch will have to wait for a later, even less specified date. Developed by Firaxis Games, popular for the XCOM and Civilization series, Midnight Suns is a highly anticipated game that fans will have to wait at least a few extra months for.


Midnight Suns will be exploring the darker side of Marvel while combining heroes from different areas of the franchise, from the more well-known groups like the Avengers and X-Men, to the lesser-known supernatural team Midnight Sons. Even some other supernatural heroes could join Midnight Suns‘ roster as future content. The player will also play as a customizable hero dubbed The Hunter. Players will be looking to stop Lilith, the mother of demons, from trying to resurrect her master Chthon. However, it will not only be Lilith and her demon army that players will have to face, as it has been shown corrupted heroes and villains alike make up a part of her forces.

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Before the news of the delay, Midnight Suns‘ release date was set to be October 7, 2022. With no exact date currently set, there’s a good chance its release gets pushed to 2023. This delay hits especially hard because in the past weeks, the marketing for the game has been picking up. With new trailers, character deep dives, and gameplay highlights all becoming part of the market campaign, the delay comes as a shock. An example of this is the newly released reveal of Captain Marvel’s Midnight Suns mechanics. Overall, it seemed the marketing was indicative of development reaching the final stages for the October 7 release date. Currently, the only reason fans have been given for the delay is “to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience for our fans,” according to the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Twitter account.

Firaxis Likely Just Needs More Time For Midnight Suns

While the news of the delay is sad, not all is lost, and it could even be good news. This delay gives developer Firaxis the time to fully polish the game and release the best possible product. However, it’s unlikely this means any increase in content as Firaxis has already said it is easily the biggest game they have made, claiming Midnight Suns is 40 to 60 hours long. The delay helps avoid another situation where an anticipated game launches in a lackluster state and full of bugs. Such delays have become commonplace, and ensuring a finished product is important not only for the success of Midnight Suns but also for the gaming industry as a whole. More studios are thankfully pushing toward delaying games rather than crunching employees with overtime to release an unpolished game.

While Marvel’s games have been rather up and down the past few years, early looks at Midnight Suns along with Firaxis’ reputation have given fans hope, alongside the inclusion of heroes from all over the franchise, a customizable player hero, and Midnight Suns‘ card-based gameplay system. Many are excited about this game and have high expectations for it. While the delay could be a sign of development troubles, it would seem that Marvel’s Midnight Suns shaping up nicely, with the development team committed to delivering a satisfactory experience.

Source: Marvel’s Midnight Suns/Twitter

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