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Natasha Webb Felt ‘Safer’ After Talk With Captain Sandy

Below Deck Med chief stew Natasha Webb faces backlash from David White after their brief romance. She feels better after Captain Sandy has her back.

Natasha Webb’s messy boatmance with chef Dave White caused tension in Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, but the chief stew admitted to feeling “safer” after Captain Sandy Yawn intervened. During the Below Deck Med season 7 premiere, it was clear that Natasha and David knew each other from a previous charter. They seemed glad to see each other again and Natasha chose to share a room with him. Natasha and David’s chemistry didn’t go unnoticed by the crew, and they wondered if the two were dating. Natasha denied that their relationship was romantic, but David made it clear that he was into the chief stew.


David soon admitted that he and Natasha had hooked up while on a previous charter together. At the time, she was in a relationship with her boyfriend, who she revealed had cheated on her. After the secret was out, Natasha pulled away from David, causing the chef to spiral emotionally. During a crew night out, deckhand Jason Gaskell was too flirtatious with Natasha for David’s liking. He later got in Jason’s face, who walked away from the alcohol-fueled conflict.

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During another drunken moment, David sent Natasha a barrage of texts filled with obscenities, threatening to expose their affair. The next day, David apologized to Natasha and broke down on the dock. Captain Sandy intervened and when she heard Natasha’s side of the story, she assured the chief stew that the incident would not happen again. Natasha shared with E! News, “I definitely felt a lot safer when speaking to Captain Sandy because she warned Dave that if he sends any more threatening text messages to me, then he was going to be fired. I felt a bit more at ease that I wouldn’t receive any more messages.”

Despite David’s angry texts, Natasha didn’t want Captain Sandy to fire him. She stated, “It was nice that she was in support of both of us. She just wanted the best for the crew and our welfare.” Natasha revealed that much of her exchange with David was through text, so the cameras didn’t catch most of their conversation. However, Below Deck Med viewers saw more of David’s side to the story, since he had been more open about it. Natasha preferred to keep their history more private, but admitted she “should have been more open and honest.”

Following the incident, Captain Sandy ordered David to switch cabins. Natasha and David remained professional on the boat and managed to get through the next charter amicably However, the Below Deck Med chief stew soon became distracted by her ex-boyfriend, whom she still had feelings for. Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is well underway and the crew prove that the show is never short on drama.

Source: E! News

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