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Times When Little People, Big World Star Amy Roloff Disappointed Fans

Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World doesn’t often let fans down, but when she does, it is usually because she always has a negative attitude.

Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World doesn’t often let viewers down, but when she does, they don’t often forget. The mother of four has always been hardworking and pushy at times. So followers feel she has disappointed them on more than one occasion.

Amy was half of the show’s success when viewers first met her and her now-ex-husband, Matt Roloff, in 2006. The former couple had big plans for their lives on their Oregon farm, but over time, their marriage started to deteriorate, and eventually, the couple called it quits. After selling her half of Roloff Farms, Amy wanted a fresh start, with none of the baggage associated with her former marriage. The 57-year-old has been doing quite well for herself and has even started cooking classes, which has been a passion of hers for years. While so much is going well for the Little People, Big World star, some fans can’t help but be reminded of the few times she let everyone down.


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While not everyone is perfect, Little People, Big World fans often hold Amy to a higher standard than others. The reality star has always been the voice of reason on the show and has often been known to slap on a smile face to get through the day. So when Amy slips up, fans can’t help but point it out.

Amy Forgets Her Manners

Every Little People, Big World fan knows Amy loves to cook and often shares videos of her homemade recipes. While making her famous S’more cookies, followers noted a gross habit that Amy kept doing; talking with her mouth full. Viewers were disappointed that the mother of four was allowing such a bad habit to trip her up. Not only was it appalling for fans to see her chewed-up food they were also worried she might be spitting bits back onto the fresh baked cookies below her mouth.

Amy Jabs Matt

It is no secret that Amy and Matt do not get along, but fans feel they should try a bit harder for the sake of their family. During the early years, Amy was always seen as negative, especially when it came to Matt’s crazy ideas. In the most recent season, negative Amy was back in full force and aiming her digs at Matt. Many Little People, Big World fans find her negative attitude to be very annoying and off-putting. Fans don’t understand her inability to put the past behind her and deal with Matt like an adult.

Amy The Bridezilla

Little People, Big World fans were shocked to see Amy act like a total Bridezilla during her wedding planning. Even Amy’s daughter-in-law, Tori Roloff, who’s married to Jacob Roloff, called her mother-in-law out during an episode, noting, “It’s not ‘my wedding,’ it’s not ‘my marriage.’ It is ‘OUR wedding.'” Viewers never expected to see Amy act in such a way, leaving them feeling let down by their TV role model.

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