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August 11, 2022 Hints & Answer

August 11th’s Wordle solution is an uncommon word with vowels right next to each other. However, with the right strategy, the answer can be solved.

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August 11th’s Wordle answer is yet another confusing and difficult solution or players to solve. What’s weird is that the solution doesn’t really fit the mold of a common word that can be easily guessed with common starting words. This word first appeared in the English language around the 14th Century, and the meaning of the word has changed with time. The word’s origin is in Old French, which used to mean gathering remaining grain. However, today the word means something similar but can be used in a broader context.


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Even though today’s Wordle answer isn’t a common word used in daily conversation, it is still used for scenarios. While today’s Wordle answer does not have a repeating letter, it has two different vowels next to each other. This makes today’s solution the perfect candidate for solving in Wordle‘s hard mode. Due to the stringent rules, players may just get lucky and figure out the answer without sacrificing too many attempts. However, players who do not want to go through the ordeal of using the hard mode can use the spoiler-free hints below.

Today’s Wordle Hints & Strategy (August 11th #418)

Since today’s Wordle solution features vowels right after each other, players should be able to identify at least one of them in their first two attempts. Then, after figuring out the position of one of the vowels, players could target one of the three consonants. Finally, if players use the more challenging mode, they will be able to find the correct order for the consonants in their subsequent few attempts. However, if players are stuck on their last few attempts and do not want to sacrifice their streak, they can use these hints to get a better idea about today’s Wordle solution:

  • Hint 1: obtain information from various sources bit by bit
  • Hint 2: gather produce left by reapers
  • Hint 3: ____ over old files for information (fill in the blank)

Hopefully, using the above hints will be enough for players to solve today’s Wordle puzzle. However, if they cannot figure out the word or are on their sixth attempt, they can input the solution provided below.

Today’s Wordle Answer (August 11th #418)

The August 11th Wordle answer is GLEAN.

What makes solving today’s Wordle answer difficult is the number of possible solutions that end with “EAN.” For example, words like CLEAN, OCEAN, SPEAN, and others will mostly net players with the correct spot of three or four letters. However, this is where players can end up sacrificing all of their attempts if they don’t know the word. However, hopefully, players will be able to identify the word easily if they use our above hints to solve today’s Wordle answer.

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