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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Laszlo As A Character

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the FX show What We Do in the Shadows.

The ongoing fourth season of FX’s What We Do in the Shadows shows brand new misadventures by the vampires fans know and love. Laszlo Cravensworth is having a particularly challenging time with his role as a father figure for baby Colin, which has unsurprisingly resulted in some gut-busting scenes.

The likable and laidback vampire is a fan favorite for many reasons, as proven by the countless memes featuring the smooth-talking character. Whether it’s about his famous alter ego or his struggles with being a dad, the best memes perfectly capture his personality and unique brand of humor.


Sounds Suspicious

When the hilarious side character Jim the Vampire comes knocking on Laszlo’s door to collect his debt, fans are introduced to the iconic alter ego, Jackie Daytona. The self-described regular human bartender is really bad a lying, not to mention how useless his disguise is.

This inspires the meme that teaches fans “how to make anything” they “do sound suspicious.” Despite how obvious Laszlo’s fake identity is, it fools everyone in town and Jim, too. His drink order even fits right into the running gag, as Jim enjoys “one human alcohol beer” while he’s in Jackie’s bar. The entire storyline captures how absurd Laszlo’s comical antics can be at times.

A Vampire’s Purpose

If there’s one thing Laszlo hates, it’s being forced to do anything boring, no matter how prestigious it may be. This is exactly why he refuses to be “a pen-pushing bureaucrat,” which is a meme-worthy line that’s often quoted alongside the vampire’s declaration that he wants to “suck blood and to f**k forever.”

Laszlo proves his point by simply flying away when the Guide informs the vampires that one of them can be the ruler of the local Vampiric Council. While Nadja and Nandor fight over who should take the role, Laszlo quickly moves on to other, more interesting things.

Long Dark Hair And An Accent

An infuriating part of Laszlo’s personality (mostly for Nadja) is his tendency to lie through his teeth even when he’s caught red-handed. This is probably the case in the infamous scene with Lilith, the witch who ‘tricked’ Laszlo into sleeping with her by transforming herself into Nadja.

Nadja is understandably enraged when she sees her supposed lookalike for the first time, as Lilith looks nothing like the vampire. In classic Laszlo fashion, he’s unable to distinguish between characters with “long, dark hair and an accent,” which is a description that unfortunately fits Nandor, too.

A Distinct Difference

A funny meme uses the Pooh format to show the clear difference between Laszlo and Jackie Daytona. The vampire’s naivety is emphasized by the fact that he genuinely believes he looks like a completely different person when he wears a bartender’s outfit and keeps a toothpick in his mouth.

The show takes that joke and just runs with it, depicting an entire town as clueless as Jim. They’re easily fooled by Laszlo’s charm and generosity towards the volleyball team, only finding out about his real identity as a vampire when he removes his toothpick and begins to fight with Jim.

Don’t Approach

Things predictably don’t go well when Laszlo volunteers to be Sean’s lawyer, as the vampire shows up thinking his experience in the court from hundreds of years ago will still be useful today. The misogynistic part of his character takes centerstage when he repeatedly insults the judge and then pretends to have said something else.

A meme that depicts the moment Laszlo asks an offensive question perfectly captures how arrogant he can be. Even with his friend’s future on the line, he risks offending the judge who could give Sean a lengthy sentence for his crimes.

Spot The Difference

Despite only appearing in one episode, Lilith is still one of the best villains in the series because of the way she manages to get under Nadja’s skin. This affects her relationship with Laszlo, whose irritating but hilarious denial of any difference in their appearance becomes too much for Nadja.

A popular meme format is used to show the way Laszlo can’t “find the differences” between the witch and his own wife. It’s more than likely just an excuse to have an affair, but one that he hopefully regretted after being kidnapped and threatened by Lilith’s coven.

The Boy

There has been a critical transformation in Laszlo’s arc during the recent seasons, as the arrival of the creature that crawled out of Colin Robinson’s corpse has changed the vampire. Now known as baby Colin by fans, Laszlo simply calls the kid “the boy,” but clearly cares about him in a way that only a father would.

There’s a humorous meme that shows Laszlo declaring he’s “only had the boy for a day and a half” but wouldn’t be able to take it if anything happened to him. This has already been proven by the way Laszlo chooses to risk his marriage with Nadja and his friendship with Guillermo by tricking them both to stay behind with baby Colin, despite only knowing him for a day.

A Tad Old Timey

Laszlo has a specific way of talking that gives away how old he really is, as he’ll often use outdated terms like “jalopy” or compliment others by calling them aristocrats. This old-timey diction makes his character comedic even when he’s just saying normal things.

This brilliant aspect of the vampire’s character is seen in a Tumblr meme that shows a user writing words like “lads and blokes.” Someone clearly calls them out for sounding like Laszlo, which prompts the gut-busting question that asks “who the f**k” the vampire even is.

Levels Of Brain Scramblies

One of the worst mistakes the vampires make in WWDITS involves the Superb Owl party and Laszlo’s suspicion that his neighbor Sean knows they’re vampires. After a comical confrontation with Sean, Laszlo and Nandor accidentally hypnotize him to the point of him getting “brain scramblies.”

A witty meme proposes different levels of the condition, which range from “Weak brain” and “Thoughtless Sallies” to “Purple Screaming Henries” and “Half man / Half madness.” These bizarre labels sound exactly like the kind of words Laszlo would use to describe the terrible effects of hypnosis gone wrong. He’ll probably even say they’re legitimate psychological terms.

Two Dads

It has always been easy to see that Laszlo can be kindhearted, but the recent events with Colin Robinson’s death really underscored this trait. A smart comparison between Laszlo and Kratos is displayed in a meme that proposes they’re more alike than fans may think.

The protagonist from God of War even calls his son “boy,” which is exactly what Laszlo calls baby Colin. While Laszlo and baby Colin probably won’t be meeting any Norse mythological figures anytime soon, they do seem to be going through a similar journey of learning to understand and accept each other for who they are.

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