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Google Search for games will soon let you play games on cloud

Google Search, for years, has acted as an aggregator for services. So, if you were looking for a TV series or a movie on Google Search, it would show you all the information about it. It would also direct you to the platforms where it would be available for streaming. Now, Google is expanding this capability to games. Also Read – Microsoft lays off employees from customer-focused R&D projects: Report

As per reports, the company has started testing a new functionality that will enable gamers to play games on the cloud-based game streaming platforms that they are available on when they look for them on Google Search. As of now, the company shows all the information and links to various storefronts and retailers wherein the game would be available. Now, the company is expanding this capability slightly such that users will be able to play games directly from Google Search. Also Read – Google faced a brief outage while you were sleeping, but it’s back now

Bryant Chappel from The Nerf Report in a Twitter thread wrote that functionality is being tested strictly for cloud-based gaming platform and it is utilising various cloud-based gaming platform such as Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Microsoft’ Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

Chappel, in his Twitter thread noted that while users can play games from the Nvidia GeForce Now on Google Search, not every game is available as a part of this functionality. “FortNite works, however another GFN title Far Cry 6 doesn’t offer the functionality. It might be up to the developers,” he wrote.

That said, the functionality isn’t perfect just yet. Users need to be logged into the gaming account associated with the specific game or the cloud-based game streaming services. Users who are not logged into specific accounts are first prompted to log in before letting them play specific games.

It is worth noting that Google hasn’t formally rolled out this functionality to all users yet. So, not all users can access it yet. However, it should be available to more users in the coming days.

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