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Top 10 Useless (But Fun) Star Wars Facts, According To Reddit

With the highly anticipated Andor and The Bad Batch season 2 on the way, Star Wars fever remains peaked, and so does the fans’ hunger for its associated trivia.

Interesting behind-the-scenes information has always been tantalizing to show fans, and the Star Wars franchise, born in the low-budget arena and exploding into mega budgets with untested, cutting-edge special effects, generated a sprawling connective tissue linking its universe to some odd places. Fans on Reddit have made sure to share their favorite bits of random facts that are useless but fun.


Blood Ties

Sometimes, it is best to keep things in the family. “Denis Lawson (Wedge) is Ewan McGregor’s Uncle,” comments user Soggy-Assumption-713. Not only that but the McGregor bloodline/Star Wars connection runs even deeper.

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The film industry, like any other, is ultimately a fairly small one. The experienced Scottish stage actor Lawson, who indeed is Ewan MacGregor’s uncle, has appeared in many projects, including Local Hero, Bleak House and Tales from the Crypt. Continuing in the family tradition, Ewan McGregor’s daughter, Esther Rose, made a cameo appearance in the second episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Luke Skywalker’s RotJ Light Saber Was Blue, Then Green

Redditor xDMO82x states that, in Return of the Jedi, “Due to [Luke’s blue] saber not showing up in the fight scene on Tatooine, the color was changed to green to show up better.”

Despite all the lightsaber experience of the two previous films, the special effects gang and Luke’s blue lightsaber were defeated by the sun glare and bright blue sky of the Dune Sea of Tatooine (the Imperial Dunes of California, also called Glamis). It seems like a good move aesthetically, because many Redditors prefer the look of the green plasma blades anyway, and some of the best Jedi wield the green lightsabers.

Canon Star Wars Space Potties

Redditor Hellothere6545 offers some critical information, writing that there were “… no canon on-screen appearances of toilets until (the) Star Wars Rebels episode “Double Agents.”

Though unseen throughout the Star Wars franchise universe, it was always assumed, of course, that there were potties somewhere around the corner. Though not the most glamorous aspect of fantasy futurism, one would expect the facilities and plumbing aboard the Death Star would be pretty elaborate and ejecting waste into space might cause some problems if done incorrectly. It also begs the question: how easy was it for Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers to use the loo? Did their armor have built-in bum-flaps (trapdoors)?

The Cantina Band Music Has A Name

Reddit user DangerNoodle793 makes certain fellow Redditors know the “genre of music the Cantina band plays is called ‘jizz.'”

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“Jizz” is the swinging musical form performed by the band Figrin Dan and the Modal Nodes at Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina on planet Tatooine in Star Wars: A New Hope. The Max Rebo Band headlining the entertainment at Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi also plays jizz music, and should also be compensated with hazard pay.

The “TIE” In TIE Fighter Is A True Sci-Fi Acronym

No detail is too small for Star Wars fans, for example: “TIE (fighter) stands for Twin Ion Engine,” states user astronomydork.

Built by the fictional Sienar Fleet Systems, the glorious Imperial TIE Fighters provide the backbone of the Empire’s navy and are among the fastest ships in the Star Wars universe. The first TIE Fighter models created by Industrial Light and Magic for A New Hope sported a blue color scheme but the blues interfered with the bluescreen effect so they switched to grays. Improved technology allowed the creators to shift back to a muted blue color for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

George Lucas’ First Movie Lives On In Star Wars

According to Reddit user Phunkie_Junkie, in Star Wars: A New Hope, Imperial jailers transfer Chewie from cell block 1138, which is “a reference to THX-1138, George Lucas’ first movie, which is a reference to George’s phone number in college.”

Written and directed by Lucas in 1971, THX-1138 was a dystopian sci-fi story starring Robert Duvall. Lucas (and others) have peppered homages to THX-1138 all over the Star Wars universe: Princess Leia’s Death Star cell number (A New Hope) is 2187, the year in which THX-1138 is set; during the planet Hoth battle (The Empire Strikes Back) General Rieekan orders, “Send Rogues 10 and 11 to Station 3-8!” and in Return of the Jedi the side of the Boushh bounty hunter’s helmet is emblazoned with the numbers 1138. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Darth Vader’s Incomplete Ending

A Return of the Jedi screening audience became confused regarding Darth Vader’s ultimate demise, uncertain whether Luke carried him away or his body was left to be obliterated on the Death Star. “Lucas and all the producers face-palmed,” says Redditor willk95, “and called Mark Hamill back to … Skywalker Ranch to shoot … the funeral scene on Endor.

This question still miffs Star Wars fans on Reddit somewhat, mainly because at the end of Darth Vader’s death scene it doesn’t look like Luke intends to recover his body. Anakin’s Force spirit would have already flown, as witnessed later, but there needed to be a better sendoff for Darth Vader, one of Star Wars‘ most quotable characters. Vader is a big body for Luke to try to lug around to a shuttle bay but, on the other hand, he is a Jedi, so he could have floated him.

The Star Wars-Photoshop Connection

Redditor RunDNA offers the information, “John Knoll, the original writer of Rogue One … created photoshop with his brother.”

As well as being one of the Rogue One screenwriters and executive producers, Knoll is a visual effects supervisor and chief creative officer at ILM where he oversaw the CGI for all three Star Wars prequels. Knoll has also made an onscreen appearance, portraying a fighter pilot in Episode One: The Phantom Menace. And yes, if he wasn’t busy enough, he did design and develop Photoshop with his brother, Thomas.

Sarlaccs Are Actually Space Mushrooms

“Sarlaccs are space mushrooms,” writes Reddit user BackAlleyKittens, Somehow this knowledge makes Landau Calrissian’s near consumption by a sarlacc less disturbing, and Boba Fett did escape the mushroom’s gullet.

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As a fictional creature created by George Lucas, the sarlacc (or plural sarlacci), first appeared in Return of the Jedi as a tentacled, fanged monster living in Tatooine’s Great Pit of Carkoon. Defying taxonomic classification, the sarlacc has been described as an arthropod or a plant. Its root network and spore-based reproductive system tends to suggest flora, perhaps similar in some way to a Venus Flytrap.

A Hoth Scene Was Filmed In A Hotel Parking Lot

“The scene where Luke was stumbling through the snow on Hoth was filmed in a hotel Parking lot,” says Redditor Camquad. Sounds like some guerilla filmmaking at its best, plus it provides yet another Star Wars shooting location you could visit in real life.

A massive snowstorm buried the hotel where the cast and crew of Return of the Jedi were staying while filming the planet Hoth sequences on location in Norway. Not one to miss an opportunity, director Ivan Reitman saw it as a perfect environment to film Luke as he stumbles away from the Wampa cave. Thus, Mark Hamill was sent out to the parking lot to stagger around in the blizzard while Reitman and his camera crew filmed him from the warmth of the hotel’s front foyer.

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