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8 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Stiles As A Character

While Teen Wolf fans might be ecstatic that Crystal Reed is returning to the movie to possibly play the next big bad, unfortunately, this hasn’t brought much comfort to some since there are also two noticeably absent people: one of those being Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Stilinski.

For many viewers, Stiles was the heart of Teen Wolf. Although many of the storylines focused on how Scott became a strong and powerful Alpha, fans couldn’t help but get attached to his quirky and hilarious sidekick – especially once they saw how devoted and loyal he could be. In fact, their love for him was so great that several fans have decided to create an abundance of memes to illustrate their favorite parts of his character.


Stiles’ Heart Always Belonged To Lydia

When it comes to most teen drama shows, fanbases can get divided because of the intense ‘shipping wars. However, when it came to Stiles’ relationships, the viewers mainly agreed that there was only one person for him: Lydia Martin.

From the very beginning, Stiles made it no secret that he had feelings for the future banshee; even when he got into a relationship with Malia, something kept drawing him back to Lydia. It might have been because they had known each other for longer or because they had more things in common, but as this meme emphasizes, no one could match that connection for Stiles.

Stiles Was Always The Third Wheel Of Scott And Allison’s Relationship

Before Scott’s pack became the ultimate power squad that it is today, initially, it only contained three members: Scott, Stiles, and Allison. These three were the ones who were always at the forefront of the action, trying to protect Beacon Hills from the dangers that lurked in the shadows. However, this didn’t mean that they all took on a fair share of responsibilities.

As this meme emphasizes, sometimes, Stiles had to take on more due to the fact that Allison and Scott’s blossoming romance always distracted them from the task at hand (putting themselves and others at risk). Given the increasing levels of supernatural threats, it’s understandable why Stiles may have gotten fed up with ‘third wheeling,’ however, him stepping up when it mattered did explain why he became a good leader later on.

Stiles’ Instincts Were Usually Right

While the Teen Wolf writers didn’t consider this role for him, many viewers would agree that Stiles would have made a great emissary for Scott’s pack. Although he didn’t know much about supernatural creatures and their folklore, it didn’t take long for him to pick up on the lingo – leading to many characters relying on his knowledge to get them through some battles.

However, as this meme emphasizes, that’s not to say they always listened. Whether it was about them trusting Theo or Derek being a good mentor, Scott’s pack could have got things done much quicker if they didn’t go against his advice.

Stiles Would Rather Be Anywhere Else Than School

From the moment that fans met him, Stiles made it pretty clear that he couldn’t resist a good mystery or investigation. If there was a report of a dead body or supernatural conspiracy at hand, he would instantly drop anything that he was doing so he could help out (even if it was his school work – as this meme makes light out of).

It didn’t really come as a surprise that he ended up following down a similar career path as his father, becoming an FBI intern in season 6. At least, in this new position, he could use his newfound power and increasing intelligence to help keep Beacon Hills safe from harm.

Stiles Jeep Was A Core Part Of His Story

Although many “Stydia” fans would say that Stiles’ one true love was Lydia, she did have to share his heart with one other thing: Roscoe, his old but trustworthy jeep.

As this meme emphasizes, Stiles completely adored his jeep and wouldn’t let a bad thing be said about it. It may have broken down several times or been a victim of many supernatural attacks, but, at the end of the day, it also got the characters out of several sticky situations. This car was just as valuable and important as every other member in Scott’s pack.

Stiles Can Be A Very Awkward

Despite not being as strong as his other pack mates, Stiles had no qualms standing shoulder to shoulder with them all on the battlefield. The problem was, as this meme highlights, he could also be a bit of a hindrance since his awkward and clumsy nature set them back a few times.

While this often led to the older and more experienced werewolves getting annoyed with his presence (such as Derek and Peter), for the viewers, it led to some iconic and humorous moments. Teen Wolf battles can get violent and tense sometimes so these brief interludes of comic relief from Stiles offered a nice respite.

Stiles’ Sarcastic Nature Brought A Lot Of Comedy Relief

While O’Brien’s slapstick comedy often produced a lot of laughs, he also had several golden moments with his quick and witty lines. However, as this meme shows, this aspect of his personality would often increase tenfold when he was in danger or his friends’ lives were on the line.

Since they never knew who would make it out alive, it’s often assumed that this might have been his way of trying to defuse the situation. They didn’t always land with the characters, but the gesture was appreciated by the viewers.

Stiles Wasn’t Afraid To Break The Law To Help His Friends

One of the reasons why Scott and Stiles overcame so many supernatural problems in season 1 was because they got insider knowledge through Sheriff Stilinski. The biggest issue was – he didn’t know this.

He wasn’t even aware that his son ended up making a copy of the keys to the police station just so he could get further access to their databases and ongoing investigations. While Scott tried not to break too many rules, as this meme highlights, Stiles just didn’t care. He was willing to break the law if it meant saving his friends.

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