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10 Worst Characters On Rick And Morty, According To Reddit

There’s no official release date yet for the sixth season of Rick and  Morty, but it has been scheduled to premiere sometime this year. The show has cultivated a loyal following thanks to its exciting sci-fi storyline, nihilistic and inventive humor, and multiple references to pop culture.

Rick and Morty also has a wonderful cast of characters who each have their own flaws and are motivated by their own personal agendas. Given that the characters of the show are far from perfect people, there are some viewers who fixate on their worst characteristics. On Reddit, fans of Rick and Morty have aired their grievances, naming those characters from the show they think are the worst.



As a teenage girl, Summer can seem self-absorbed and selfish, especially since she’s often seen using her phone and posting photos of her dog Snuffles on social media. Unlike Morty, Summer is highly intelligent, although not as scientifically inclined as her grandfather.

She gets a bad rep on the show as she does fit the stereotype of the annoying older sister and tends to get jealous of Marty’s adventures with Rick. Redditor AFCFinalistsColts also notes that Summer is “the most inconsistently written character of the family” and is “all over the place”. Her unpredictability makes her hard to figure out and irks some of the viewers.


Being Rick’s daughter, Beth has superior wit and is exceptionally ambitious. However, Beth finds it hard to hide her insecurities and wishes to have a better life and career. Her insecurities have been so extreme that she asked Rick to make a clone of her so she could go to outer space to have adventures of her own.

While Beth has her reasons, Reddit user a1b3c6 thinks that Beth is the worst character because she ignored “her children and the problems they’re having over the divorce” and was overprotective of her absent father. Beth’s sarcasm also doesn’t help her reputation amongst Rick and Morty fans.


A lot of the fans of the show think that Jerry is the least competent main character on Rick and Morty. And that might be true, seeing as he doesn’t have the intelligence, determination, and thirst for adventure the other characters have. He does have a redeeming characteristic though — he’s a loyal guy who cares deeply for his family.

On Reddit, Kerrby comments that they “just find him annoying” and thinks that Jerry “doesn’t really add anything” to the show. Arguably, Jerry is the most human character in the show and is just prone to misguided intentions. However, it’s hard to like Jerry since he can be a coward during challenging situations.


Despite being an ultra-intelligent being, Rick prefers to use his abilities to advance his own goals. While he might lend a helping hand to a suffering alien species from time to time, Rick always has a hidden agenda that makes him seem selfish and egocentric.

In astrology, Rick is a textbook Pisces as he tries very hard to appear cold and distant. Reddit user WhippedCreamPi writes that they’re “bothered with how needlessly mean and horrible” Rick is to everyone. What might help raise Rick’s popularity amongst those who hate him is a worthy comeuppance and savage butt-whooping from his family and enemies.


Newcomers to Rick and Morty might think that Rick and Morty are the perfect duo as Morty balances out his grandfather’s brash and rude behavior with his kind nature and compassionate heart. However, Morty can also be selfish at times, going out of his way to use his grandfather’s technology and alien power to get what he wants.

In a Reddit post, gracefultemptation admits that they can’t stand how “annoying” and “self-righteous” Morty is. They add that Morty’s “transparent attempts” at being a “good boy” make him more annoying. While their stern dislike for Marty is valid, it also pays to consider that Marty is a pre-pubescent boy in the show who’s driven by his own desires, no matter how self-serving they may be.


Tammy is Summer’s close friend at the Harry Herpson High School. Later in the show, it was revealed that Tammy is actually a secret agent for the Galactic Federation and only married Birdperson to get Rick and other wanted figures under one roof.

According to Reddit user TheDudeColin, they hate Tammy because she was a “backstabbing” character who killed Birdperson, even if the guy “trusted her with every feather on his body”. Tammy then had the audacity to bring Birdperson back to life as Phoenixperson and use him as a weapon, which then made them one of the most dangerous couples on Rick and Morty.

Mr. Jellybean

Mr. Jellybean was a one-off character that appeared during the episode “Meeseeks and Destroy”. He meets Morty in the bathroom of a tavern and tries to console the boy since Morty has just fought with his grandfather.

However, Mr. Jellybean’s kind attitude suddenly changes and he forces himself on Morty. Redditor uvero highlights that Mr. Jellybean is the worst because he is an “everyday kind of evil”. What he’s done is irredeemable and disgusting. Thankfully, Rick notices how distraught Morty was from his encounter with Mr. Jellybean and fatally shoots him.


Revolio Clockberg, Jr., also known as Gearhead, is a minor character on the show who makes an appearance every now and then in the show. He has betrayed Rick due to his greed and even admitted that he never liked the brilliant scientist. However, the two have set their differences aside during the third season of the show.

Gearhead doesn’t have a lot of fans on Reddit. User DudeAbides777 divulges that Gearhead is their least favorite character on the show because he’s “just so dull at parties” and acts like a poser with his “Vindicators vest” since he hasn’t shown any heroism on screen.

Mr. Poopybutthole

Mr. Poopybutthole is a beloved friend of the Smith family. He also provides some good comedic relief in the show thanks to his antics and silly catchphrases. What’s more, he’s also one of the few characters in the show who breaks the fourth wall.

While many consider My. Poopybutthole is one of the best characters in Rick and Morty, some aren’t amused with him. On Reddit the_moosey_fate discloses that they think Mr. Poopybutthole brings “nothing at all to the table except a stupid catchphrase”. But due to Mr. Poopybutthole’s complex and moving backstory, it’s hard for the majority of the fans to hate the side character.

Vance Maximus

Martys’ dreams were shattered when he finds out that the superhero group he idolized was full of hacks and shams. Vance Maximus, the de-facto leader of The Vindicators, might seem like a caring and funny leader who cares for his team. However, it is soon revealed that Vance is a phony who only uses Morty to advance the public image of The Vindicators.

Reddit user kuba_kopfschmerz keeps it simple and says that Vance Maximus is the worst and their least favorite character in the show because he’s a “huge douche”. His egotism gets the best of him and he dies trying to escape Rick’s death game.

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