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What Happened To The Season 9 Cast This Week (Aug. 01)

Episode 17 of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 was perhaps the most heartwarming of all, as fans watched four very incompatible couples get married in the finale. The 90 Day Fiancé season came to an end on an inspiring note, as each couple had a happy ending. Fans may not have dreamed of such outcomes when the TLC show started. After months of arguments over a prenup, Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween got married. Fans watched the pair’s simple yet ethereal ceremony unfold in Bilal’s own home.


Emily Bieberly kept the fact that she was expecting a baby a secret until her dream wedding with Kobe Blaise (they share a son, Koban) was over. Emily drank a non-alcoholic beverage in a champagne glass, but fans accused her of drinking alcohol while she was pregnant. The most surprising part of Emily and Kobe’s wedding, however, was Kobe and Emily’s father bonding in a sweet father-son moment. Jibri Bell and Miona Bell’s Joshua Tree wedding was officiated by his grandmother, Cheyne. While Miona didn’t get her desired beach wedding, the desert ceremony, in which Jibri played a country song, was loved by everyone.

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Brazilian woman Thaís Ramone’s father Carlos finally agreed that his daughter should marry Patrick Mendes. This happened only after Patrick promised to return to Thaís’ hometown every year with her, so she could visit her loved ones. Meanwhile, Thaís is still hellbent on throwing Patrick’s brother John out of their home. Fans may find out whether Thaís had her wish fulfilled during the Tell-All. Fans are also looking forward to watching John get into a fight with “sparkles” Jibri, according to a preview. Until Sunday arrives, here’s everything else that made it to the headlines in the past week:

Thaís Confirms What Job Patrick Does For A Living

When Patrick first revealed that he earns $1000 a day at his job, during a 90 Day Fiancé episode, fans were eager to find out more about what he does for a living. After his weightlifting career ended, Patrick moved to Texas, and began working as a door-to-door salesman in the home security systems niche. Fans accused Patrick of being involved with an MLM, and when someone quizzed Thaís, she answered very vaguely, by adding a video of Patrick talking to a large group of people online. She also shared that Patrick started off with just five people on his team. According to her, over the last two years, she has seen his team grow, “more and more and more.” Thaís thinks that those who spread rumors about reality TV star Patrick are jealous because they don’t have as much as he does.

Miona Is Now A Professional Model

It wasn’t surprising when Miona launched her own beauty brand, Miona Beauty, as soon as she gained a massive social media following. Miona’s ponytail extensions have flown off the shelves, and her inventory is sold out. She reportedly earned five figures in a week. However, it’s not just her website that Miona is focusing on right now. Reddit user gingersnaps0504 spotted Miona’s face on an advertisement for a brow bar in a shopping center in Canada. Miona, who used to be a professional makeup artist back home, seems to be exploring modeling as a career as well, since she moved to America to get married to the Black Serbs singer.

Emily Is Unrecognizable In 2018 Selfie

New mom Emily was trying to lose weight before she met Kobe during her stint in China. A Reddit user The_Chuckness88 recently stumbled upon a photo of Emily, which was visible in a Facebook group, and that photo was snapped in 2018. “I can’t believe this is Emily,” a comment on the original post stated, adding that it made them realize why Kobe mentioned Emily’s weight gain. That issue came up as soon as he met her at the airport, after two years apart. Some fans felt that Emily looked older than she is now in the photo, and claimed that she looks much better lately. However, there are fans who never criticize Emily’s physical appearance, finding her beautiful either way. Certain 90 Day Fiancé viewers believe that it’s her sour attitude that needs to change.

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