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Goku’s 10 Best Quotes, Ranked

Many fans were excited over the reveal of the next Dragon Ball Super manga volume cover that reveals a beautiful image of Goku and his family. Not just his current family of Chi Chi, Gohan, and Goten, but also a reflection of the past showing Bardock, Gine, Raditz, and a younger Goku.

Goku has come far since his youth and while he lost all of his previous members of his family, he found a new one. Throughout the series, Goku has faced many challenging foes and moments. In those close-cornered battles, he has delivered some of the best quotes in the franchise.


10 “I will not let you destroy my world!”

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods

This quote delivered to fans gave many of them chills thanks to Sean Schemmel’s performance as Goku in the English dub of the film, and the rigorous moment gave Goku an iconic scene and quote that fans have never forgotten.

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In his fight against Beerus, Goku is near doom as he loses his Super Saiyan God form. However, as his willpower reignites he bursts upward and continues his epic battle against Beerus with new power.

9 “I’m sorry, Grandpa.”

Dragon Ball Z: Episode 32

Vegeta’s transformation into the Great Ape was a wake-up call for Goku, making him realize how he had missed so many apparent details of this past. These details are that he was the giant ape his grandfather had warned him about and that he had killed him.

When involving his grandfather, Goku has always been emotional. This quote was heartbreaking as Goku finally realizes what he had done. Something that his friends knew and tried to protect him from. Goku sees little chance of victory against Vegeta but promises that he will apologize to his grandpa should he die again.

8 “Even the lowest-born can outdo the elite.”

Dragon Ball Z: Chapter 34

Vegeta believes in superiority and while he’s impressed by how far a low-class Saiyan like Goku has come, he doesn’t believe any amount of effort could reach the level of the Saiyan prince.

Goku and Vegeta’s dynamic has long since been well-loved, but it all began in their battle during the Saiyan Saga, featuring the two strongest characters at the time. Goku’s experiences as a Saiyan on earth helped shape him into the man he is now. Something that not even the nature of a Saiyan could take from him.

7 “The next generation should take charge.”

Dragon Ball Z: Chapter 282

Goku’s fighting in the past could always be connected to selfishness and his own personal desire to further his strength. However, as the series progresses, he begins to put this aside. He further shows this when he tells Piccolo that Goten and Trunks should be the ones to defeat Majin Buu.

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Piccolo is obviously aware that Goku had enough power to kill Majin Buu, but that didn’t matter to Goku. He was dead and only a visitor on Earth. It didn’t make sense for him to solve problems that weren’t of his world and would make it difficult for the other characters to grow from this and respond to future threats.

6 “Anyone who tries to hurt my friends is gonna pay!”

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 130

While Goku has always enjoyed the thrill of the fight, this quote demonstrates perfectly how he will make those who try to bring his friends into harm’s way pay.

Throughout the entirety of the Tournament of Power, one of Dragon Ball‘s best tournaments, Goku isn’t there to fight to save his universe. He doesn’t spare much thought for the idea and doesn’t even consider reviving the other universes as Vegeta had. Instead, he is fighting to test his limits. However, when he sees harm done before his eyes involving his friends he isn’t going to take it lightly.

5 “Don’t interfere or they’re gonna disqualify me!”

Dragon Ball: Chapter 188

Goku’s quote to Kami shows just where Goku’s mindset was in his battle against Piccolo. To the others, and even the readers or watchers, it looks like a battle of life and death. Quite literally too, the world is at stake.

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However, this isn’t the first concern for Goku. He isn’t fighting at this moment to save the world but rather fighting to win the World Martial Arts Tournament, something that had been his goal since the beginning. Goku wanted the match to be fair and to win through official rules only.

4 “I quit.”

Dragon Ball Z: Chapter 131

Goku’s quote helps set an end to one of the best long fights in shonen anime. It also stuns many fans with his sudden declaration as many are used to him defeating his opponents in large flashy ways.

His quote continues to tear Frieza apart with his words ending with “and he was only a Saiyan.” Goku had tested his powers to the fullest and didn’t wish to take the life of a man whose pride had been shredded into ruins.

3 “What a waste.”

Dragon Ball Z: Chapter 47

Goku demonstrates one of his more selfish moments when he tells Krillin to spare Vegeta’s life. In the original anime’s dub, this scene is more of Goku seeming merciful believing anyone can change. But in the manga, Goku doesn’t want such a powerful foe he couldn’t defeat to die.

Goku’s quote shows his own obsession with fighting and how he needs to overcome obstacles on his own. While Vegeta was a villainous foe whose partner saw to the death of many of his friends Goku cared more for another battle rather than revenge. He needed to defeat Vegeta with his own hands and through a fair fight.

2 “I am the Super Saiyan…Son Goku!”

Dragon Ball Z Kai: Episode 48

The transformation of the “Super Saiyan” had been talked about as early as the beginning of the Saiyan Saga and was heavily foreshadowed throughout the entirety of the Frieza Saga.

Goku’s declaration of who he is and that he was indeed the Super Saiyan is one of the most beautiful moments in Dragon Ball and helps why he is one of the best characters in Dragon Ball. This scene and quote helped showcase why it was that no other Saiyans before him had achieved this form. It took a pure-hearted Saiyan awakened by rage raised on a planet far different than the one of his birth.

1 “Bye guys.”

Dragon Ball Z Kai: Episode 95

No one likes to see their heroes go, and Son Goku’s second death is one that still hurts many fans. This scene was beautifully captured as he tells his friends goodbye, leaving to go and sacrifice himself to save Earth.

While this wasn’t Goku’s final appearance, it was originally intended to be and would have been a perfect conclusion for his character. In the Cell Games, Goku sacrificed so much to allow Gohan to be the hero and to defeat Cell. This was a huge step away from how Goku typically had been in the series who usually hogged all of the battles for himself.

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