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Has Cobra Kai Abandoned Eagle Fang? It Certainly Looks Like It

It’s starting to look like Cobra Kai has closed the book on Eagle Fang Karate. Founded by Johnny Lawrence in season 3, Eagle Fang lost the All-Valley Tournament at the end of season 4. According to the terms of the bet made with John Kreese, both Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso are under an obligation to shut down their respective dojos, but at least one is expected to remain in business regardless.

Based on comments made by Daniel in the Cobra Kai season 4 finale, he won’t let his loss keep him from opposing Terry Silver in season 5. Instead of giving up, he’ll be teaming up with The Karate Kid Part II’s Chozen to continue the fight against Silver and Cobra Kai. Based on the setup, the two characters could be leading the efforts to weaken Silver’s influence on the Valley when the next batch of episodes releases. Though perhaps not right away, it’s generally assumed that Johnny will eventually get involved as well. As for how Eagle Fang fits into the picture, their role in the upcoming season has yet to be confirmed.


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Official Cobra Kai season 5 images are a bad sign for Johnny’s dojo. Mitch, was has been with Eagle Fang since the beginning, was pictured bowing alongside several Miyagi-do students at Daniel’s dojo, even though Cobra Kai season 4 provided him with no obvious reasons to switch senseis. Another character included in the image is Robby, even though his reconciliation with Johnny put him in a position to finally be on the same side as his father. Making matters worse for Eagle Fang Karate’s chances of still being around in season 5 is the image that shows Devon Lee – the dojo’s only female student – in a Cobra Kai uniform. Since Miguel and Bert are still unaccounted for, it’s at least possible that Eagle Fang is still alive and kicking, but right now there’s a strong sense that Cobra Kai has abandoned the show’s third dojo.

What Happened to Eagle Fang In Cobra Kai Season 5?

Perhaps the best explanation for Eagle Fang’s absence in Cobra Kai season 5 is that Johnny and Daniel merged their dojos after coming to an understanding at the tournament. That would make sense of Mitch and Robby training with the Miyagi-do students. It could be that some, like Devon, left outright because they’re not open to learning Eagle Fang and Miyagi-do karate. How such a merging could work out, though, remains to be seen. While it’s true that Johnny and Daniel got over their differences, part of the point of the ending was for both to realize that each dojo has its own methods, which is why it’s hard to see how the two dojos can effectively combine into one.

Eagle Fang closing their doors for good would be an unfortunate loss for Cobra Kai if it happens. Their “cool” factor made them an excellent substitute for Johnny’s Cobra Kai, so it’ll certainly be disappointing if the show moves on without them. Officially forming Miyagi-fang would give the main characters a united force against Terry Silver, but would also risk costing the series one of the best additions to the Valley’s dojo war.

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