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Made-in-India Battle Royale Indus game first trailer displayed at New York Time Square: Watch video

An Indian gaming studio has introduced the first trailer of its new game called Battle Royale Indus. The new game has been introduced as an ‘Indo-Futuristic battle royale’. In order to make the first look special, even for the global audience, the developers of the game decided to show off the new trailer in New York’s Time Square to celebrate India’s Independence Day. The Battle Royale Indus game is being developed by Pune-based SuperGaming. The game will be introduced on mobile, PC, and even consoles. Also Read – BGMI ban to lift soon? Krafton says will cooperate with Indian government

The Battle Royale Indus is still far from the final launch but the game will open for pre-registrations from the end of this year on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for mobile devices. The creators claim that the game has reached that stage of development where they are playing it in-house regularly. SuperGaming co-founder and CEO Roby John said, “While there’s still some work to be done before we can bring Indus to all of you, this trailer shows what we’re crafting to match your expectations and our ambition of putting India on the global gaming map.” Also Read – BGMI ban: Gaming companies urge Modi for ‘uniform and fair treatment’

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SuperGaming conducted a community playtest for the game at its studio in Pune earlier this month. According to the company, it included players, content creators, and esports pros.

“The feedback from our community playtest strengthened our resolve that this is the right way to develop games,” says John. “We can’t build a better game without knowing who we’re building it for and what they want.”

The game developers are behind titles like MaskGun and Silly Royale. MaskGun is a multiplayer shooter which has had over 64 million players since its launch. The social deduction game Silly Royale has over 20 million players in a year

The Battle Royale Indus game plans to bring something new to the most played genre in the country. The creators like to call it ‘Indo-Futurism’. It is based on the idea of futuristic-looking Indus Valley Civilisation with all modern weapons and architecture. The creators claim, it is inspired by Black Panther’s take on Afro-Futurism.

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