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10 TV Characters With The Worst Friends, According To Reddit

One of the main themes of Stranger Things is the power of friendship. From sticking by old friends to making new ones, some of the best relationships in the series are these strong and loving friendships. However, it could be said that some of the characters were not as good a friend to one character as they would like to believe.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of other television characters lacking good friendships. These characters put up with the antics and poor attitudes from friends despite deserving better from the important people in their lives. Reddit users have decided these are some of the characters with the worst friendships on television.


Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

How I Met Your Mother brings together five characters as Ted Mosby explains to his children the story of him and their mother. Ted met Marshall in college and have been friends ever since a terrible road trip brought them together. However, Reddit user NotHisRealName writes, “Marshall was the only non-a**hole main character.”

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At the beginning of the series, Lily treats Marshall like someone who will just wait around for her after she breaks his heart and moves to San Francisco. He also has significant ups and downs in his friendship with Ted, driving in the middle of the night to see Ted just because he wanted to talk. Marshall drops everything for his friends but doesn’t get the same respect in return. He’s the sweetest and most levelheaded of the group.

Penny Proud (The Proud Family)

Penny from The Proud Family is what anyone wishes for in a friend. She’s fiercely loyal, and she respects others. However, she does not receive the same friendship in return. In her core friend group, Dijonay stands out as a terrible friend. Dijonay is fairly unlikable in comparison to her other friends. She’s untrustworthy and often ditches Penny for something better like when she secretly bailed and went to a concert while Penny was stuck babysitting her siblings.

Reddit user RangoAnimations has strong feelings about the friend, writing, “She was the worst.” Dijonay doesn’t deserve a friend like Penny who will go out of her way to help others. She’s selfish and the two are likely only still friends because they’ve known each other since they were little.

Rowley Jefferson (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid)

Though he’s not from a television series, Waluigihentaii thinks Rowley Jefferson from Diary of a Wimpy Kid deserves a mention because “Greg is such a sociopath.” Poor Rowley is innocent and thinks highly of Greg while Greg completely disregards Rowley’s feelings or any consequences of his behavior. He accidentally breaks Rowley’s arm while trying to become popular and becomes bitter when Rowley becomes popular instead.

While taking over Rowley’s job of walking home kids from school, he abandons them, and Rowley gets in trouble. He’s a terrible, selfish friend. Rowley is a good person though he lives a sheltered life and acts childish. He sees the good in others and doesn’t deserve fake friends who don’t care about his well-being.

Mordecai (Regular Show)

Regular Show chronicles the lives of Mordecai, Rigby, and their co-workers at the local park. Mordecai is the opposite of Rigby. He’s responsible and intelligent compared to the wild and irresponsible Rigby. Yeet_Overlord explains Mordecai is a bad friend, but “he also had bad friends before Rigby got good character progression.”

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Mordecai does everything for Rigby. When his friend is too lazy to fill out a job application, he does it for him, yet he doesn’t receive the same consideration. Rigby causes the most trouble for him when he just wants to be good at his job and not be labeled a slacker. Thankfully, audiences see Mordecai thrive as they part ways in the series finale.

Jason Todd (Titans)

Jason Todd is Batman’s second Robin and, later, Red Hood in the TV series Titans. He had a rough upbringing and is not an angel, having been discovered trying to steal the hubcaps off the bat mobile. His friends are no angels either. Saucy_joe thinks he needs to surround himself with better people, writing, “He almost killed himself because of them and they didn’t even apologize.”

After his near-death experience, the group finds items in the tower that remind them of painful memories and accuse Jason of planting them. He’s bullied by the team when it’s actually Deathstroke. He has serious feelings that nobody acknowledges. Jason is better off without the Titans.

Screech Powers (Saved By The Bell)

Saved by the Bell features a group of friends with varying personalities. The odd one out is Screech Powers. Always known as the nerd, Screech does Zack’s homework in exchange for protection from bullies. But he generally ends up being bullied by his own friends. In one episode, Zack makes a bet with Slater, entering Screech into a beauty contest.

Friends do not make their friends the object of a bet. It’s poor behavior from Zack who has always been a jerk. For Reddit user noixdecoco7, the bullying was a problem, writing, “It always bugged me how mean they were to Screech.” The friends did not appreciate Screech for anything more than homework help. They did not treat him as a true friend.

Rickety Cricket (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia)

The Paddy’s Pub gang in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have done terrible things, but nothing is worse than their treatment of Rickety Cricket. Speaking of the now-homeless character, RangoAnimations writes, “the gang f***ed him up pretty badly.” His real name is Matthew Mara, and he was a successful priest before throwing away his life for a chance of love with Dee.

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Of course, she denied him, and his life went into a downward spiral of drugs, his legs broken, and being blinded in one eye. The gang does nothing to help him ever and even encourages his rough lifestyle, making fun of him. Dee takes no accountability for her actions, leading Cricket on and ruining his life. His life would be far better without them.

Butters Stotch (South Park)

According to JuryBorn, Butters has the worst friends ever on South Park. The gang has done some terrible things to Butters, including forcing him to fake his own death to attend a girls’ sleepover. Considering his innocent personality, his friends are easily able to convince him to do anything. He willingly goes along with their shenanigans without much question or pushback.

The gang is often annoyed by Butters but seems to keep him around because he’s an easy target and can be used to get out of trouble. He’s a good kid who has fallen into the wrong crowd. He tries to study more and thinks he needs a job after having his first kiss. Butters deserves better friends who appreciate him without getting him into trouble.

Howard Hamlin (Better Call Saul)

Audiences don’t see much of Howard Hamlin’s life in Better Call Saul, but Mili_Minderbinding thinks he has terrible friends. Cliff Main refuses to believe Howard when he claims Jimmy McGill is trying to plant drugs on him and ruin his career. A good friend would listen and hear him out, knowing he previously showed no history of drug use.

Howard, also, has an odd friendship with Chuck McGill. He struggles to buy out Chuck after he becomes housebound. Chuck refuses to seek help for mental health and opts to force the firm to accommodate his illness. His estranged wife even doesn’t respect him, unwilling to work on their marriage. Howard Hamlin deserves better than what those around him can offer.

Will Byers (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things features an ensemble cast of young characters. The best friends are happy until Will’s disappearance. The group dynamic shifts after Will is saved from the Upside Down. Reddit user JuI1e notes the change, writing, “after season 2 no one gave a s*** except his mom and brother.”

Will’s friends’ attitudes change toward him. He’s having episodes in the arcade and Mike wants him to snap out of it and return to games. In the latest season, Mike’s completely oblivious to Will crying right next to him as he’s too concerned with his relationship with Eleven. Nobody asks if he’s okay. Will deserves better friends who actually notice what he’s going through.

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