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Moriah’s Instagram Causes Concern Among Welcome To Plathville Fans

Moriah posts about her “temporary home” on Instagram and Welcome to Plathville fans wonder about her living situation and overall wellbeing.

In Moriah Plath’s recent Instagram stories, the Welcome to Plathville star has indicated that her life is in a state of flux, and fans are concerned about her wellbeing. From season 1, Moriah was a rebel in the Plath family who was more interested in exploring the world and forging her own way than following her parents’ strict rules. By season 4, Moriah had moved off the family farm in Cairo, Georgia, and was living with her older brother Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath.


The most recent season saw Moriah struggle with her emotions in the aftermath of her toxic relationship with ex-boyfriend Max Kallschmidt and finding herself all over again. But another major storyline during season 4 was Barry and Kim Plath’s breakup and how their divorce impacted Moriah and their other children. The season ended with Moriah on better terms with her mother Kim than she has been in years, though her relationship with sister-in-law Olivia is more strained.

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Moriah and several of her siblings recently posted a group message on Instagram speaking out against some of the things Olivia said on the show, and now viewers think that Moriah and Olivia don’t get along the way they used to. But that’s not all that fans have noticed on Moriah’s Instagram. In a previous story Moriah told fans that she was “in the process of moving” and needed to sell some of her belongings. Now in a new story, Moriah revealed she and her dog Jasper are in a “temporary home” and looking forward to a “good nights sleep.” In a Reddit thread posted by u/No-Anxiety6922, fans expressed concern that Moriah was in temporary housing.

During Welcome to Plathville season 4, Moriah was living in Tampa, Florida with Ethan and Olivia, but now fans don’t know where she’s living. At the end of season 4, Olivia and Ethan revealed that they had no plans to renew their lease in Tampa and are currently on an extended vacation in Europe. Some in the Reddit thread wondered why Moriah appears to be “couch surfing” and not living with her mother, now that Kim is single and reportedly living above her dance school. Fans speculated that Moriah has had a falling out with both Olivia and Kim, and now wonder what her plans are moving forward. A lack of stability can often have an adverse effect on mental health, and many commenters hoped that Moriah is taking care of herself amid the chaos in her life.

Though there does seem to be some friction between Moriah and Olivia, Moriah’s current living situation is probably due to logistical issues more than anything. If Ethan and Olivia are traveling, they may not want to waste money on rent back in the U.S., and since Moriah is an adult now, it’s up to her to find her own way. Perhaps viewers will get some answers about what is going on with Moriah if Welcome to Plathville gets renewed for a season 5.

Source: Moriah Plath/Instagram, u/No-Anxiety6922/Reddit

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