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10 Things You Need To Know About Guillermo Rojer

Guillermo Rojer of 90 Day Fiancé‘s ninth season has recently been at the center of franchise gossip, as fans believe his wife, Kara Bass, may be pregnant. Guillermo and Kara are one of many couples from the most recent 90 Day season rumored to be expecting a baby.

Viewers first met Guillermo when he traveled from the Dominican Republic to Charlottesville, Virginia to begin a K-1 visa journey with his then-fiancée, Kara, whom he met while working in the island country. The adventurous reality star consistently won over audiences with his calm demeanor and mature personality. Guillermo is fairly private compared to Kara, who has leaned into her celebrity influencer status. As a result of Guillermo’s tendency to shy away from the spotlight, there are still many aspects of the young man’s life that fans hope to learn more about.


Guillermo Is From Venezuela

Guillermo may have met his bride while working in the Dominican Republic, but the reality star is actually Venezuelan. He grew up in the South American country’s capital, Caracas, which is also its largest city. Caracas is Venezuela’s industrial hub and its cultural center.

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Guillermo still has many family members back in Venezuela and, based on his Instagram posts, he appears to be very close with his relatives. Guillermo is proud of his Venezuelan community, and even posted images on Instagram from a 2017 protest, during which people were speaking out against the political corruption, economic upheaval, and violence that had been taking a toll on the country.

Guillermo Is A Trained Bartender

While some 90 Day stars started their own businesses, and others became social media moguls, a handful of cast members, like Guillermo, have trained to work in a specific industry. Guillermo is a graduate of Venezuela’s Bartender Academy, which appears to prepare its students to work as mixologists in fine dining settings. The academy offers courses on the art of cocktail making, as well as barista and sommelier training.

Before moving to the US, Guillermo appeared to be putting his bartending skills to good use. He shared pictures on Instagram of himself working at an upscale bar and restaurant in Punta Cana, a beachfront city boasting many resorts and tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic.

Guillermo Met Kara In A Unique Way

Guillermo’s bartending career brought him to the Dominican Republic, during the same time Kara was there for work. Kara recalled their first encounter,  “I was literally just sitting at the table with my computer, working with my colleague, when this waiter strolled up to our table and said, ‘Ladies, it’s tequila time!’ I was like, ‘Damn, he’s cute.'”

The “cute” waiter turned out to be Guillermo. The duo kept in touch and their innocent flirtation rapidly evolved into a relationship. Soon after, Kara moved to the DR to be with Guillermo, as she was able to work remotely. It’s not surprising that Kara quickly developed feelings for Guillermo, as he’s often considered to be the most likable star of 90 Day Fiancé‘s 9th season.

Guillermo Is An Athlete & A Coach

Guillermo is always up for an adventure, and appears to regularly participate in many sports-related activities. The athletic reality star has posted images of himself hiking, swimming, kitesurfing, and kayaking. He even proudly showed off the stylish beach rackets he made himself on Instagram. Like his season 9 co-star, Jibri Bell, Guillermo also has an affinity for riding and racing motorcycles, and often posts about the hobby.

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Guillermo is also an avid soccer player and a coach. While in the Dominican Republic, he had the opportunity to coach a youth soccer league in Punta Cana. Guillermo has expressed that the experience “really helped [him] to grow as a person.”

Guillermo Was Close To His Brother

While there are plenty of difficult 90 Day family members, the show also highlights quite a few loving and supportive relatives. Guillermo was particularly close to his brother, José Joaquín, who died just before the reality star’s wedding.

Heartbroken Guillermo paid homage to his brother during the couple’s wedding. He reserved a front row seat for José, and marked it with a bouquet of fresh flowers. According to the Kara, Guillermo’s brother died from renal failure, and had been on dialysis for a while before he passed away. Because Guillermo was in the US on a visa when his brother’s health deteriorated, he was not able to leave the country to be with him or to attend the funeral.

Guillermo Is A Dog Lover

Kara and Guillermo are both dog lovers. The couple adopted a tiny pup together named Chiqui Mama, who accompanies them everywhere. Chiqui, who was adopted in the Dominican Republic, made the trip to the US with Kara when she moved to Virginia ahead of Guillermo’s visa approval.

The adorable dog is often feature on the couple’s social media pages, and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. While there were many painfully bad 90 Day decisions on season 9, the stars’ adoption of Chiqui was easily among the best decisions of the season.

The Pandemic Complicated Guillermo & Kara’s Relationship

Many relationships were complicated by the pandemic, and Guillermo’s was no exception. Kara moved to the Dominican Republic to pursue their romance but, as a result of the pandemic, she was forced to move back to the US earlier than expected.

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Guillermo and Kara were separated for nearly a year until his K-1 visa was approved and the newly engaged couple reunited in Virginia and began planning their wedding. Guillermo’s bartending job was also likely affected by the pandemic, adding additional monetary struggles to an already challenging situation. While COVID restrictions took a toll on the couple’s relationship, they both appeared excited to finally be able to continue their love story together.

Guillermo Is A Sagittarius

Guillermo was born on December 2 and his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. According to, people born under the sign of Sagittarius are on a quest for knowledge and truth. They are often restless wanderers, which may explain Guillermo’s decision to move from his hometown in Venezuela and bartend in the Dominican Republic.

Kara, on the other hand, was born on May 11 and she is a Taurus. explains that a Sagittarius/Taurus love match may be difficult at first, given Taurus’ need for stability and commitment and Sagittarius’ wandering spirit. However, the site points out, if they are patient and empathetic to the needs of their partner, the match can be quite harmonious.

Guillermo Proposed In A Romantic Way

Guillermo proposed to Kara in the Dominican Republic on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The scene was extremely romantic and highlighted by a beautiful sunset in the background. The proposal took place on Macao Beach in Punta Cana.

Guillermo and Kara have one of the most organic relationships on the reality series, as they met by chance and seem to be fairly compatible in terms of both age and interests–unusual characteristics in the 90 Day universe. They’ve each shared many pictures from their time in the DR together, enjoying nature hikes, beaches, scenic waterfalls, and other exciting adventures.

Guillermo Is Adjusting To Life In The US

After tying the knot in Virginia, Guillermo and Kara appear to be settling into a rhythm together. Guillermo is adjusting to his new life in the US as well. After struggling to acquire the perfect haircut, he memorably found a hair stylist he liked in Virginia, just days before his wedding.

Additionally, Guillermo has picked up a new hobby in the US. He’s posted several kayaking videos on Instagram and has been spending quite a bit of time exploring the Rivanna River, a tributary in Virginia known as a popular spot for kayakers. The reality star isn’t able to work yet, as a stipulation of his visa, so he has extra time to develop new interests. Fans wonder if he’ll become a bartender once he’s legally able to work in the US.

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