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New Tales From The Borderlands Release Date Spoiled By Amazon

Tales From The Borderlands Sequel release date and cover art is revealed in an early page upload by Amazon, which has since hidden its mistake.

New Tales From the Borderlands, the sequel to 2014’s Tales From The Borderlands, has had its release date of October 21st leaked by an early Amazon listing. The new game was revealed in April of this year, but a release date had yet to be confirmed.

Gearbox Software, the developer of the Borderlands series, had given the Borderlands IP to Telltale Games to create a narrative story akin to the developer’s other popular titles, such as The Walking Dead. The result was a series of five episodes that take place after the events of Borderlands 2, with all five episodes receiving some level of critical acclaim. A sequel was never announced after their release, and ultimately Telltale Games shut its doors before the series could be renewed. In 2021, Gearbox came back to Tales From The Borderlands to rerelease the episodes in a collection. When New Tales From The Borderlands was announced, it was also stated that the game would be returning as a sequel without Telltale Games.


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Twitter user Wario64 posted about the Amazon page for New Tales From The Borderlands in a since-deleted tweet (via GamesRadar). The Amazon page revealed that the game would be available on October 21st for $50 across all platforms. The Amazon page has also since been deleted, but the release date remains known now all the same. This would fall in line with the expected release window of 2022, which was previously announced by the Borderlands Twitter page. The listing also stated that the game would have three main characters: Anu, Octavio, and Fran, whose decisions the player would control in a narrative-driven adventure that takes place in the perpetually war-torn metropolis of Promethea (via Gematsu). The box art for the game was also revealed by Amazon.

New Tales From The Borderlands $50 Price Point Revealed

New Tales From The Borderlands will be a Telltale Games-style narrative without the studio’s influence, so it remains to be seen how well Gearbox Software can recreate the magic that made Telltale Games such a popular studio. Gearbox did well with its other deviation from the Borderlands style with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands D&D-like gameplay, so it has the potential to succeed here as well.

While it’s sad that Telltale Games had to close its doors, it’s very promising to see the studio’s influence in the gaming world continue, as choice-driven narrative adventure games are not something that has been historically related to larger IPs. Gearbox decided to carry the torch and make a sequel to a game whose style is connected to the now-defunct studio, and hopefully they will do justice to the people that worked on the first game by creating something with a riveting story and deep, fleshed-out characters. New Tales From The Borderlands is a highly anticipated game from a very capable studio, who even had a Borderlands 3 minigame lead to an innovation prize.

Source: GamesRadar, Gematsu, Wario64/Twitter

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