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All Clues That Welcome To Plathville’s Kim & Barry Were Doomed

Despite seeming like they were a united front on Welcome to Plathville, Kim and Barry Plath showed signs of divorcing long before the announcement.

Kim and Barry Plath shocked Welcome to Plathville fans with their divorce news, but there have been signs throughout the show that it was bound to happen. Kim and Barry seemed like they were on the same page about their parenting choices, but this season showed the cracks in their marriage. From troubles communicating to their struggling relationships with some of their kids, there are several issues that played a part in their divorce.

Divorce seemed like an impossibility for the strict Christian fundamentalists, as the Plath parents told their kids that once they got married, it was for life. A lot of the teachings from Kim and Barry did not seem to apply to Kim on this season of Plathville, as she started wearing makeup and going back on many of the rules for her kids. Fans and her kids alike mentioned that she seemed like a brand new person, though many fans feel Kim continued to act selfishly.


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There are several rumors surrounding their divorce, like Kim leaving Barry for another man, though it has not been shown on Welcome to Plathville yet. Kim brought over a male friend she met at the gym for a family dinner and later had a drink with a male family friend, adding legitimacy to the rumor. Kim said that she was not feeling valued in their marriage and was crying all the time, leading to her decision to divorce Barry.

Since the start of Welcome to Plathville, Barry has been known for not showing emotion. He has a permanent smile (or smirk, depending on who you ask) on his face regardless of what family drama unfolded. Even when Ethan and Barry had their driveway confrontation, when the rest of the family was in tears, Barry had the same expression. Many people saw the rift when Kim was emotional and Barry was not able to show another side of himself even to his wife of two decades.

For several seasons of Welcome to Plathville, Kim and Barry have been at odds with at least one of their children. Ethan has had a strained relationship with them for years, while Moriah and Micah only recently reconciled with their parents after being kicked out of the family home. As Kim and Barry focused on repairing relationships with their kids, they may have forgotten to check in with each other, and drifted apart.

At the beginning of Welcome to Plathville, Kim and Barry were always presented as a united front. Over time, they seemed to be interviewed together less, especially in season 4, hinting at their impending divorce. When Barry bought Kim the dance studio, it seemed like a last ditch effort to get her back and was the ultimate sign of trouble. Fans are eager to see how the Plath parents handle co-parenting from different houses on the next season of Welcome to Plathville.

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