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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Leslie As A Character

Parks & Recreation fans squealed with joy when a small reunion occurred between Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) and Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate) when they both appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Plaza’s new movie, Emily the Criminal.

Seeing Leslie and April together again made Parks & Rec. fans miss the series all the more and beg for a reboot or spinoff of sorts. As the show’s main character, Poehler told People back in 2019 that she wouldn’t deny a reboot. She said “[I’m] always standing by. Anytime anybody gives me the word, and I’m down.” Until then, fans have resorted to keeping Knope’s memory alive by creating hilarious memes that have stayed true to her character.


Leslie’s Crush On Ben Was A Serious One

Leslie and Ben didn’t have the easiest start to their relationship since they weren’t allowed to date as city employees who worked together. Chris Traeger found it to be a conflict of interest. Because of this, the two focused on being friends… That is until they couldn’t deny their feelings for each other anymore.

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Leslie talked closely to her best friend Ann about the situation. In one scene, Ben admitted to Leslie that he had feelings for her and assumed she felt the same for him. Leslie called Ann for backup, which is why this meme summed up Leslie’s character. The two besties definitely would have had a nickname for him. The episode where they admitted their feelings for each other was one of Leslie and Ben’s more important episodes.

Leslie Never Cared For Health Fads Or Salads

This quote was one of Leslie’s funnier quotes because she never pretended to be someone she wasn’t. Although she was a public figure, she never put on an act that she lived a healthy lifestyle, filled with green juices and salads. She preferred waffles from JJ’s Diner and pizza.

When she worked on Pawnee’s Harvest Festival, there was a vendor interested in selling salads since there weren’t enough healthy options for the town. In theory, this was a smart idea, but Leslie could never allow salads to take the place of pizza — just like the meme.

Leslie Had No Shame

Parks & Recreation may have been about Leslie Knope and her work in Pawnee but it also had a lot of iconic foodie moments. From Leslie’s love of sweet things to Ron’s obsession with bacon and steak, the town of Pawnee loved its food.

This meme summed up Leslie’s character because she refused to be shamed for her admiration for whipped cream, waffles, and a made-up topping she called salgar, which was equal parts sugar and salt. She would never apologize for eating something that made her feel happy.

Nobody Gave A Pep-Talk Like Leslie

Leslie was the ultimate hype woman. She boosted everyone’s confidence and lent a helping hand when needed. Sometimes her friends and coworkers were bothered by how much she helped (getting involved when she shouldn’t), but she always meant well.

Plenty of life lessons were learned from Parks & Rec. characters, including Leslie. This is why this meme spoke to Leslie’s character. She admitted before that she’s easily influenced by herself and motivated by her accomplishments.

This Is A Flashback To Ron’s 94 Meetings

This meme is reminiscent of the 94 meetings Ron had, thanks to April scheduling them all on March 31st. April didn’t think March 31st. was a real date and scheduled over 90 meetings for Ron to have. Even though April and Ron were one of the best duos, Ron knew April made a horrible mistake. When everyone showed up for their meeting, Leslie dove in head-first to help.

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As per usual, Leslie became distracted in those meetings and took on more than she should have because of her desire to help Pawnee. As a social people-person, Leslie wouldn’t have loved Zoom meetings but she would have handled them like a boss — just like the meme.

Leslie’s Brief Stint With Snapchat

It’s unknown if Leslie Knope had Snapchat during her time on Parks & Recreation, but if she did have it, she’d use it for a short time before deleting it because she’d be too consumed by it.

Fans could see her posting about the day she had at the parks or educating her followers on the election. However, this meme also poked fun at the idea of her posting far too much after a night on the town. Leslie didn’t get drunk often, but when she did, she let loose. Imagining her disappointed at what she posted on Snapchat is easily done.

Leslie Knope Would Not Handle Group Projects Well

Although Leslie Knope was a hard worker who loved teamwork and comradery, she wasn’t the best addition to a group project because of her control issues. Leslie loved to include people in what she was working on, but it often ended with Leslie doing everything because that’s how she preferred it

This was why Leslie and Ron made such a great duo. Ron didn’t mind Leslie’s take-charge attitude, and Leslie would have done it anyway, which is why this meme is so accurate to her character.

Bababouille X Ratatouille

Ben Wyatt may be the face of this meme, but Leslie isn’t far in the background. In season 3’s ‘The Fight,’ the entire group got drunk off of Tom’s liquid potion called Snake Juice. Ben was so intoxicated that the only word he could say to the camera was “Bababouille.” This episode was before Leslie and Ben ever went on a date, but it was obvious he drank a little more than he should have because of the feelings he had for her.

The meme’s creator made fun of Ben’s bababouille moment and attached it to the cover of Disney’s Ratatouille. In the background, Leslie’s face is on top of Colette Tatou — the main character’s love interest who was as passionate about her job as Leslie. While Colette was harsher than Leslie, her dedication to her craft connected with Leslie’s.

Leslie Wanted Her Cake & To Eat It Too

As much as Leslie loved Pawnee, she did everything she could for the city and wasn’t given the respect she deserved. She was ready for something bigger and better, which was why she was so taken aback when she was given the opportunity to run the National Parks Service.

Leslie was ready to take on this new role but things changed when she found out the job was in Chicago. Was she ready to leave her friends and loved ones for a new life in a different city? Instead of going to Chicago, she made a deal and was able to run the service out of Pawnee’s City Hall. Just like the meme, Leslie was able to have it all

Will Run For Waffles

As aforementioned, Leslie wasn’t one for healthy food. However, she did like to stay active by walking in the parks and doing her job. While Chris Traeger or Ann would have enjoyed for Leslie to join them for yoga, Leslie always had more important things to do.

If the group wanted Leslie to do yoga, she’d respond similarly to this meme. The only way fans could imagine Leslie going to weekly yoga classes was if free waffles were given out at the end of every class.

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