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Star Wars’ Lightsaber Rifle Makes the Jedi’s Iconic Weapon Even Deadlier

While Star Wars’ Jedi have made it clear that lightsabers are better than blasters, even they can’t deny the true deadliness of a lightsaber rifle.

While Star Wars’ lightsabers seem to be powerful enough when wielded properly to not need any additional upgrades, a firearm that is essentially a lightsaber rifle completely proves fan consensus wrong as it turns the Jedi’s most iconic weapon into a much deadlier version of itself–even if it is something that Obi-Wan would be absolutely disgusted by.

Lightsabers made their debut upon the very first installment of the Star Wars franchise: Star Wars: A New Hope. In the film, Obi-Wan Kenobi (who was going by the alias Ben) gives Luke Skywalker a blue lightsaber claiming that it belonged to the boy’s father, a Jedi Knight who ‘died’ during the age of the Clone Wars. In this very same movie, fans learn that lightsabers aren’t exclusive to the Jedi, but are also wielded by the Sith as the movie’s main antagonist, Darth Vader, has a red lightsaber. In the years since this iconic franchise-spawning film, the lore surrounding the lightsaber has become immensely dense. Lightsabers consist of a plasma blade powered by what is known as a kyber crystal. When it is time for a Jedi to wield their own lightsaber, they choose a kyber crystal (or the crystal chooses them) which dictates what color weapon they get. However, one Star Wars comic issue has created an alternate use for the kyber crystal which goes against everything the Jedi stand for–though something that could be utilized by the Sith just as they have done before in the past.


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In Darth Vader #10 by Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli, Darth Vader is battling a Jedi named Master Nu who does the unthinkable in an effort to defeat the dark lord once and for all. Master Nu inserts her lightsaber into the chamber of a high-tech rifle that harnesses the energy of the kyber crystal into a long-range blaster. Unfortunately, this blaster uses up the lightsaber’s power incredibly quickly, leaving the hilt as nothing but a melted and utterly useless reflection of what it once was. Basically, while the blaster packs a punch unlike any other in the galaxy, it is really only good for a few immensely strong blasts–which was a foolish thing for Master Nu to use against someone like Darth Vader who can easily dodge blaster fire, not to mention the fact that she is left without a weapon after using this lightsaber rifle.

What is interesting about this weapon is that after this issue, it is never used by the Sith despite Darth Vader becoming aware of its existence, especially because the Emperor has no qualms about the abusive usage of the kyber crystals. Putting aside the fact that the only way to achieve the red lightsaber coloring is to literally bleed the kyber crystal with Dark Side energy, the Empire used a massive amount of kyber crystals to power the planet-destroying laser of the Death Star–calling into question if Palpatine got the idea for the terrifying space station from this particular Jedi weapon.

What is more surprising than the Sith not using this lightsaber rifle is that a Jedi would use it. In both Episode III and Episode IV, Obi-Wan is adamant about a Jedi never using a blaster when a lightsaber is available–calling blasters a clumsy weapon in A New Hope and being actually embarrassed by the fact that he killed General Grievous with a blaster in Revenge of the Sith. Not only does this issue depict a Jedi using a blaster against Darth Vader, but he’s using one that actually destroys a lightsaber upon its usage. So, while the lightsaber rifle is superior to the original lightsaber in long-range attacks, thereby technically making it deadlier, it is a slap in the face to what the Jedi stand for within Star Wars lore and is dangerously close to the Empire’s Death Star.

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